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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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    Originally posted by Marco-GG View Post
    But with the disaster that was Ecuador, PerĂº, Brazil and, upcoming, Paraguay is quite difficult to see a bright side.

    If some of you don't want to get vaccinated or hate big pharmas, I'll appreciate that stop posting your ideas on the internet and simply start sending all those unused vaccines to latam/rest of the world plus starting a petition to drop covid 19 vacs patents.
    Well, we'll keep our speech, but if you want the vaccines we're sending them anyway because there are shipments that would otherwise expire. There are alternatives to the vaccines for those who take this thing seriously, and I will not stop posting these ideas as long as I hold them lol.


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      Originally posted by MaxToTheMax View Post
      Hundreds of millions of people have had these vaccines, which is a tremendous sample size. Even rare complications like the blood clots have been detected.
      Right so we know the immediate side effects, I wonder what things are going to develop in the next 10 years.


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        Based Linus


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          Originally posted by microcode View Post

          Well, we'll keep our speech, but if you want the vaccines we're sending them anyway because there are shipments that would otherwise expire. There are alternatives to the vaccines for those who take this thing seriously, and I will not stop posting these ideas as long as I hold them lol.
          You're sending your leftovers, and just because China and Rusia are getting popular with their own vaccines. The point is that your government still have most of future vaccines production reserved so most of poor countries will get them in acceptable quantities whenever rich countries finish vaccinating everyone in their countries (including the assholes that don't want to).

          So, don't waste your time spreading your "true" here, better do something positive and send us all those mutant vaccines to us. If they work as you say, I promise you that I'll share with you some selfies with my new blue eyes. You'll get all the proves you need! Just think about that, will you?


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            I took the jab, but given that the CDC is calling a meeting as we speak over an unexpectedly increased rate of heart inflammation after Pfizer and Moderna, I'm not going to be pushing others to do it despite their concerns. Everyone's got to make their own decisions. I personally am highly suspicious of the efficacy claims for these vaccines, given that the flu vaccines are noted by the CDC annually to fall as low as 10-20% effective against the dominant flu strains. But my mom wanted me to get one so she'd feel safer around me, and I've had tons of jabs so I'm not worried about side effects for myself personally. But I highly doubt that having had the jab will make a life and death difference for me, as time marches on I'm assuming that we will find that the efficacy claims were vastly overstated, and that these covid jabs have a very slight protective effect that's quite possibly not worth the risk of severe side effects.


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              We are constantly being told, This vaccine is safe, this vaccine is no longer safe, this vaccine is safe to take for second dosage. Then we are told take the vaccine and you wont need to wear a mask, then we are told we will need to wear a mask, the "Science" keeps flip flopping, especially here in Canada. All the while people who doubt Covid vaccines get censored.

              I would trust charlie sheen's used condom more than the government at this point, If the government and tech is censoring information, its usually the government that is in the wrong, instead of being allowed to hear the other side, Why are we only allowed to hear one side of science but not the other when science is something that constantly evolves. Im not saying the vaccines are bad, for all I know they are probably a good thing, but when the government is willing to go this far to what is equivalent of brainwashing, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing. I do not understand how more people are not hesitant to get it.

              Take the vaccine if you want to, I sure as shit aint going to, not going to recommend it to anyone other than people with a high covid risk, and no body gonna be able to guilt trip me about it. even though ontarios "opening up" is based on percentage of population vaccinated.


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                Originally posted by deep
                Linus is a corporate tool and sell out.

                All these sheep herders like distrotube/luke smith posting cringy "linux is freedom; linux is choice, etc.." meme vids are just grifters.

                Here's some facts they don't/want to tell you:

                a.) the kernel is big tech controlled; check out what entities contributes the most code year after year
                b.) check donations to linux foundation
                c.) they all run the latest and greatest proprietary tech courtesy of their small brained fans
                d.) illusion of choice; when hardware dictates software; choice is null

                Thanks you for attending my red pill talk.
                I agree with everything you've said, with the exception that I think Luke and DT are well aware of the big tech overlords that rule over Linus and the kernel. And yes, I'll bet they would agree that they are grifting to a certain extent, but more power to them. I wouldn't mind getting paid enough for trying out distros online and talking about Monero or libreboot to quit my day job. That's a pretty good grift.


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                  Originally posted by microcode View Post
                  I feel that the propaganda for this has gone too far. There is considerable cause for concern, perhaps particularly for the young and for women, in taking the vaccine. The mechanisms of the vaccine, mRNA or adenovirus vectored, seem not to be the issue; the issue seems to be the choice of the spike protein as the immunogenic feature. The spike proteins are proliferating throughout the body, rather than staying near the injection site, and data from Japan (IIRC) seem to show them accumulating in ovaries and bone marrow. There is mounting evidence that the spike proteins themselves cause inflammatory disorders, and these sorts of chronic inflammation have been associated in other cases with the development of cancers. It would be a shame to have a pandemic of ovarian cancer among 20-somethings because we didn't do our due diligence.
                  Since you're concerned about spike proteins spreading and causing problems, you should know Sars-Cov-2 also spreads to the brain and various other organs and makes cells produce spikes there. If anything, getting Covid (even if asymptomatic) carries a much higher risk of causing long term problems than a vaccine that will degrade in just a few hours to days. That being said, without vaccination it's very likely that, given enough time, the vast majority of people would get Covid and suffer from problems caused by the spikes anyway. In that case, it's still more beneficial to get the vaccine than the disease itself.

                  But that risk is hypothetical anyway.


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                    Originally posted by ireri View Post
                    Well, I don't know anyone that has ever said that vaccines are 100% safe... other than terraplanists I mean.

                    And I smoke ....
                    You can smoke, but just keep in mind that all of your opinions on health are made worthless by the fact that you do smoke. What you are doing to your lungs is the antithesis of health, and you should really stop that nasty business.


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                      Hell Yeah, not many people have the Linus' knowledge. I hope Linus will continue to drive the kernel, he is well qualified and has the power of acknowledgement