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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    Linus is NOT a doctor, and is in no position to give medical advice to anyone. He is just parroting the official narrative by the big pharma companies which make billions of dollars pushing experimental vaccines on people, to combat a non-threatening virus for the vast majority of the population, that kills fewer people than the flu.
    I have my own issues with big pharma like, for example, I'd like them to drop any patents on vaccines and essentially "open source" it so that generic versions of the vaccines can be made. But if you're issue is that Linus isn't a doctor and that he's instead repeating what's said about the chemists and doctors who made these vaccines then what's the issue? Are you a doctor?

    Also it is very theatening. I know personally know people who have died of it. I'm sure you think the survival rate is 99.99% like I've heard other anti-vaxxers say but you should know that the math only works out that way if you do it wrong lol

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    He is also uninformed about mRNA vaccines and pushing bad info in 2 ways:

    1) mRNA vaccines can definitely potentially alter your DNA under certain conditions than are not as rare are big pharma pretends them to be. A certain enzyme, reverse transcriptase, if available, will lead to the rewrite of DNA. And while technically this enzyme is not synthesized by the human body (and that is where the big pharma LIE that it cannot change your DNA is based), there are certain relatively widespread viruses that synthesize it, like hepatitis virus and others. Even if you are not sick by such viruses, if you have any virus load of those in your body, they could potentially create this enzyme and if it happens during your vaccination, destroy your DNA. So the conditions for it to happen are not impossible as they claim. They do have low chance of happening, but they can't eliminate the possibility, hence why they will not guarantee it...
    What mommy blog did you get this information from? lol

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    2) The main issue from the vaccines is not changing your DNA, but the spike protein itself, which has been found by proper scientists like the Salk institute to be dangerous by itself, yet you program your cells with these vaccines to produce it. These spike proteins can potentially do serious damage to your cardiovascular system and various organs, especially after periodical injections each year and/or contact with coronavirus in the wild. Not to mention the potential of leading to the overreaction of your immune system in case of infection in the future, an event known as cytokine storm. Japanese universities have already proved that this is certainly possible in a relatively fresh study.
    Have you read anything that The Salk Institute wrote about mRNA vaccines? Or are you following an anti-vaxxers misinterpretation of Salk Institute paper? Because I've been linked to many papers by anti-vaxxers over the years, and ya'll have links for days... but most of you have never read them yourselves. I know one anti-vaxxer who sent me a paper and didn't realize that the abstract of the paper is a summary and a statement of what they expect to find lol

    This is the paper that you're probably referring to

    And it doesn't say anything about the vaccines. Antivaxxers are taking this paper about Covid and acting like these statements about the Covid vaccine.

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    So, no, the vaccines are not "100% safe" (not to mention 100% effective, which is not exactly proven as of today).
    I'm not aware of any claims that it is. When the vaccines first became available they didn't advise that pregnant women get it because that was a group they didn't do enough testing on. Also all of the vaccines have different stated efficacies which they're very public about, though in a full vaccinated or largely vaccinated group of people, the chances of a vaccinated person getting Covid are still less than if they were surrounded by unvaccinated people.

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    And if Linus wants to play big pharma vaccine pusher,
    He's not lol

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    how about he signs us his guarantee that if anything happens to us from these vaccines in the future, he is going to be held liable and pay us from his own money? How about that Linus?
    You don't see a problem with that logic? lol You're inferring that if you get some disease five years from now that it MUST be because you got vaccinated. That's not how things work.

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    You can't give medical instructions/advice publically without taking responsibility, don't you think? Especially when you call other people names for being skeptical regarding EXPERIMENTAL gene therapy injections.
    Yet here you are, not a doctor, speaking about the vaccines. By your own standards, you shouldn't have written your post but here we are lol

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    I understand that in the Linux community Linus is being worshipped like a "god" and everything he says is supposed to be gospel
    I really haven't seen a lot of that.

    Originally posted by TemplarGR
    but sometimes he himself needs to learn to shut his mouth especially in areas he is no expert in.
    The pot and kettle idiom is applicable here. Self-owns are hilarious.
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      I waited for the government to stop mandating the usage of a vector vaccine for my age group and have been vaccinated with a mRNA vaccine a few weeks ago.


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        Ah man, I’m too late and missed the forum drama

        The silver lining in regards to antivaxxers is that the number of them is well below the herd immunity threshold

        Just because they’re loud doesn’t mean they are plentiful.


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          Well, I don't know anyone that has ever said that vaccines are 100% safe... other than terraplanists I mean.

          And I smoke (on designated spots exclusively), so all this distorted pile of rubbish about something something changing my DNA is truly of zero concern to me. No, what actually worries me is that tobacco made me more prone to acute COVID19 symptoms if I contract the disease, so as soon as they start vaccinating my age range I'll go and ask for a shot.

          Even if a were a person of healthy habits, the decision for me would still be just as clear; do I do everything at my disposal in order to keep my loved ones safe or not? So, yeah, I would still go for a shot as soon as my turn arrives...

          But let's consider a third scenario, let's say that my DNA actually changes, that it is a truth amply recognized by most health institutions around the globe (which is not the case today). In this instance, I wouldn't need to know what problems may come after being vaccinated; I would just need to know what is the probability of having big issues to balance against the probability of having big issues due to COVID. This is purely statistics, I don't need anything else, because all that comes later only in the chance I do not die first, so whatever has the higher chances of keeping me alive first, I'll deal with its problems later... I'm not a gambler, I disfavour taking chances, so betting all I have in the second option seems kinda dumb to me.

          Talking about gambling, EA got hacked.


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            Originally posted by lyamc View Post
            Just because they’re loud doesn’t mean they are plentiful.
            And I'm thankful for that lol


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              I don't take health advice from software developers, Gates or Torvalds.


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                I think that is very irresponsible of him, yes the person that wrote it's peace did say controversial and maybe false things, that is based on not a deep education of this topic he is no expert.

                But the same is true for Linus Torvalds, but maybe he got a college degree in a field about this at some point. And if you want to make statements about such topics you should provide the links to the studies that proof what you have said.

                Yes again the other person did that not, but he stayed more on the surface level he did not pretend to be a expert.

                Now is this statement that it changes genes probably false, again probably sure, I am no expert therefor I don't make any absolute sentence about this stuff. But is it a big experiment, there is no question about it, that it is, the fact that some of the vaccines were first given free for all people then they stopped it and changed it, shows this.

                Are there surely many honoric respected scientists that will say that the chances that something bad happens is low, I think so... yet that makes it not a experiment.

                But the biggest problem about his statement and that shows that it's just his opinion and also fake news:

                I think you are in Germany, and COVID-19 numbers are going down. It's spreading a lot less these days, largely because people around you have started getting the vaccine
                Most people didn't get vaccinated only old people got vaccinated, but what happened like last year where the numbers gone down also without any vaccines is the weather. Does that mean that the vaccines did not help, no, but are there multiple reasons for the numbers going down, yes, so he and I can't proof that the vaccine made 50% or only 1% of the lower numbers, but to assume that the warmer weather had nothing to do with it, is just absurd. And saying that it "largely" because of the vaccine is just unscientific probably uninformed opinion, I assume he don't even know how the weather was.

                I would have no problem if he would have made a short statement, but putting out so much scientific sounding language like he is a expert and then not even put the links out there, implies that he himself only looked a few youtube or MSNBC videos.

                Now you can say it's just a internet forum, but he should know that his statements from that forum get reported by news sites.

                A better response would btw be that only 1 of those vaccines is based on mRNA the others not as far as I remember? So if you just don't trust this new method that is no reason to refuse vaccine, just use one of the other brands.


                Also the German Robert Koch Institute the most respected central institution in the pandemic says that the weather has big effects on the virus. So he put out at least unproven likely fake news. Now he "lied" or misinformed in favor of vaccines but I would not want to put any half truths or lies out about this topic in general but especially if many people would listen to me.

                Everybody has to see their personal risks and gain of freedoms, and come their own conclusion, if we would say that such critique opinions are not allowed we would make vaccines mandatory.


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                  The whole point of vaccines are to save lives, not confer absolute immunity. even the mature flu vaccine has low efficacy rates and does not necessarily prevent people from getting it. To those who do not get the full immunity from the vaccine, at least their immune system is now strong enough to fight off the virus to the point where many of them only experience mild to no symptoms.

                  The same thing applies to the Covid19 vaccines. It doesn't matter whether they are mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna), viral vector vaccines (Sputnik, AZ, J&J) or traditional inactivated virus vaccines (Sinovac, SinoPharm). They do the same thing: provide people with a chance of full immunity to Covid19, and for those who do not get the full immunity, strengthens their immune system to the point where they no longer experience Covid19 symptoms, and for the unfortunate few who still experience the full set of symptoms, gives them a very strong chance of not having to be hospitalized or die from it.

                  If you want real world results, look at how Serrana has achieved herd immunity from the 'low-efficacy' Sinovac vaccines that everybody loves to bash.

                  In short, get vaccinated regardless of the vaccine type offered.
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                    Originally posted by hipower View Post
                    However, as a healthy 25 year old I will hold off being vaccinated for a year or two as I don't believe that the risk of receiving a novel vaccination is outweighed by the risk of contracting Covid and the potential complications that could follow.
                    Sorry to STRONGLY disagree with you, I live in Brazil and almost half a million people (and still counting...) died for thinking this way.

                    Stop the chain of spreading of this sh*t disease, let the virus die like they done in New Zealand.

                    If it was told that covid transform people in zombies, maybe people would have the fear for a unknown disease as they should have.


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                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec
                      Most people probably already have natural immunity so the vaccines are pointless. It’s more of a scheme to help pharmaceutical companies make money.
                      Yeah, just like in Brazil, the Bozonaro influenced people to go out and get the disease, believing that "natural immunity" would work with covid as it was chicken pox.

                      We have almost 500k deaths and counting, it isn't worse because 3/5 of the population doesn't follow that piece of crap of human being