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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by microcode View Post
    The spike proteins are proliferating throughout the body, rather than staying near the injection site, and data from Japan (IIRC) seem to show them accumulating in ovaries and bone marrow.
    That's a fakenews from Byram Bridle ,

    The "super secret document/study" from pfizer, is not about spike proteins in ovaries, but lipids


    • Originally posted by cb88
      Way to go sicko... you probably chuckle at the people who had averse reactions to the vaccine also. "Serves them right for loosing out the genetic lottery" or some unempathetic shit.
      No, of course not. I do not think anyone deserves it. It is only inevitable that many of us got it and will continue to get it, and that the virus will be with us for a while. No amount of empathy is going to change this, so I am free to chuckle when it gets ignorant people and turns them remorseful. And it is not like anti-vaxers have empathy when they think only of themselves, or do they now?
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      • Originally posted by drakonas777 View Post
        It's always nice to see how COVID19 or LGBTQ+ related topics expose uneducated pieces of shit in this forum.
        The LGBTnonsense community can go fuck it's self, they constantly pretend like they represent people like me when they don't. Just because we like the same gender whether we like the other gender too or not, they think it's fine to pretend their opinion is my opinion and act like everyone who does like the same gender. they don't LGBTNonsense community should get hate, because they only thing they have managed to do in recent history, is incur more hate for us from other people.

        Not to mention that the entire movement was stolen from the original LGBT movement, which did more good than bad, but also in the latter part of it's life started doing worse than better. the moment the LGBT community decided it was okay to force priests to wed same sex marriage against their wishes it completely died.

        Now you can tack whatever nonsense on to the end of LGBT to try and steal the momentum it once had, everybody is embracing it from people who dress up in dog costumes to people who want to diddle children, instead of making their own movement they steal the LGBT's. not to mention pride month is a fucking joke. the only thing these are doing is generating hatred from everyone else. Christian homo/bisexuals have a hard enough time as it dealing with the conflict of sexuality and religion, without all the extra hatred being fabricated by the LGBTQ community within their religion. and im sure other groups probably have the same issues, but unlike the LGBTQ+ community, Im not going to pretend to speak for them.

        LGBT is completely irrelevant to tech, its no wonder hatred gets shown, straight people are constantly being told they are a piece of shit if they don't like homosexuals or bisexuals. meanwhile the real pieces of shit are the people who give the rest of us a bad name by congratulating people suing christian people for "Sexual Discrimination" when they don't want to bake a fucking cake for gay people. the LGBTQ+ community deserves all the hate that they get and then some.


        • Let's follow some of our recent 'science'.
          Pro-Vaxers banned from social media for posting adverse reactions.
          Moderna developed and released in 2 days.
          Vax is a defacto experiment.
          Human trials end in 2023.
          CDC stops recording vaccinated people that get CV19 as of yesterday.
          Anti-Vaxers banned from social media for saying Wuhan and Fauci.
          Anti-Vaxers found to be more right than that- Fauci funded the creation of CV19.
          First fully vaxed cruise line sets sail. CV19 sweeps through the population as of yesterday.
          Emergency meeting held today at CDC due to vaccines stopping the hearts of 15-30 year olds.
          Ingredients of vaccine and adverse reactions listed as blank on vaccine inserts.
          Pharma companies indemnified if you have an adverse reaction.
          Fauci and media ban HCQ and Ivermectin since Teump endorsed it.
          Patient foots bill then dumped out of the system during adverse reaction, because there is no treatment for mRNA adverse reactions.
          Women picking up entire chunks of placenta after vaccine, banned from social media.
          High profile people asking for help, banned from social media, later found dead.
          HCQ and Ivermection found to be curative in patient testing sample of 1000 as of this week.

          I don't know what all this means, because unlike Rand Paul, I'm not a doctor. But whatever mystery meat is in those vials sounds worse than CV19. At least you can get treated for CV19. You can't un-mRNA yourself.


          • Originally posted by sdack View Post
            No, of course not. I do not think anyone deserves it.
            You clearly think that people that you disagree with "deserve what they got" ... which frankly yes a demented stance.


            • Originally posted by fafreeman
              just don't want to be an early adopter for something new.
              You won't be. When you get the virus will it have travelled through so many people, it will definitely be second-hand.
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              • Originally posted by cb88 View Post
                You clearly think that people that you disagree with "deserve what they got" ... which frankly yes a demented stance.
                I am not saying they deserve it. It is the remorse they feel that amuses me. Have you never laughed at anyone for making a mistake and how they immediately regretted it?
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                • Originally posted by fafreeman
                  exactly. people like you who are terrible people who believe in nonsense conspiracy theories and call people anti vaxxers because they want to wait a bit to get a brand new shot that's never been used before. even though, many people like myself, get the flu shot yearly and love vaccines. just don't want to be an early adopter for something new.

                  i've developed a great disdain for many people thanks to this wonderful thread michael thought was great to share on his linux site. including michael himself. it has really helped the community to unite together and get along by pushing both sides to double down even more and hate each other. social activism wins again!

                  thank you linus, thank you michael. right side of history wins again. linux as a whole has benefited greatly from this.

                  why linus allows non linux kernel talk on the mailing lists to begin with and why michael keeps wanting to use his site for social activism is beyond me. it hasn't made anything better. unless you count splitting the community more, generating more hate for each other as better. but when you have the sick mindset of being on the right side of history, i guess you get caught up in your conspiracy theories and grand delusions you manifest in your head.

                  hot topics, controversial topics like this, should be avoided. its common sense its going to dwell into mass arguments that's going to spew more hate. but again, when you believe you are on the right side of history, you blinded by your own personal, internal bias. and some people are truly sick by enjoying the hate. as you can see from the "pro vaccine" crowd who get a slight pleasure of seeing people suffer. as the one commenter noted above of chuckling seeing people getting hurt by their actions. clearly helping people have their coming to jesus moments with such amazing comments.

                  no one in this thread is having a coming to jesus moment about anything. this entire thread is hate on both sides with both sides claiming the other side is hateful and not them.

                  this is the quality content you can expect by michael on phoronix and linus getting himself involved in.
                  Oh shut up and get off your high horse.
                  First of all, there's a big difference between people who are pro-vaccine but want to wait and those who just straight up spread misinformation and act like they're more harm than good, or some ridiculous conspiracy. There's no reason to complain about what Linus said if you're the waiting type.

                  Ever heard of "don't shoot the messenger"? Michael reports on interesting things that happens in the Linux world, and even as Linus himself pointed out, this shouldn't have been a discussion on a kernel mailing list, but it was. His response is attention-grabbing to say the least, so if Michael didn't post it, someone would have.
                  You clearly haven't been here long because this community has been toxic for a long time. For every 1 person willing to have a civil discussion, there's multiple others who will tear apart your sentences word by word and seem to have a literalism problem.
                  Anyway, it is clear you didn't fully read what Linus said, because he himself stated how it wasn't appropriate to talk about vaccines on a kernel mailing list. As far as I'm concerned, that means he didn't allow it.

                  Also, who are you to assume what the right side of history is?

                  If you think hot controversial topics should be avoided, then why are you here? A bit hypocritical, eh?

                  Your sensationalism and holier-than-thou attitude is accomplishing nothing.


                  • If you want the vaccine get it, then you won't be affected yes? because that what the vaccine does, it does not kill covid, but rather helps your body mitigate the symptoms, well at least thats what they said at one point, who knows if they changed their minds again, so even if a person with covid transfers it to you, it shouldn't matter, you all need to stop trying to guilt trip antivaxxers, they won't transfer it and get you killed, if you vaccine works anyway. they will transfer to other antivaxxers, and in which case they made their decision. so stop trying to guilt trip us lol.


                    • Originally posted by spirit View Post
                      That's a fakenews from Byram Bridle ,
                      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                      Guy that invented mRNA Vaccine technology, should know a thhing or three about it.

                      BTW, good part of folks here seem to be marking interesting targets to be located - classic swarm war cloud:

                      I suppose many will die from your actions.
                      What happens after USD crash when other side scans for you ?
                      Do you hope no one will connect the dots ?
                      If you think you'll be able to hide behind plausible deniability, I think you might be in for a surprise.

                      BTW, someone said that COVID was great way to expose lunatics.
                      It is also part of natural selection. And that one is known for killing not only unlucky and crazy but first and foremost heaps of gullible and lazy assholes that just needed to take a shortcut.
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