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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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    Originally posted by hipower View Post
    I hardly think the LKML is the place to be discussing vaccination and I can understand why it has upset Linus.

    However, as a healthy 25 year old I will hold off being vaccinated for a year or two as I don't believe that the risk of receiving a novel vaccination is outweighed by the risk of contracting Covid and the potential complications that could follow.

    A few weeks ago I assisted my two over-80 grandparents with booking their appointments and they will soon be having their second doses. They both decided that the for their individual circumstances (high risk age group+comorbodites) vaccination made sense so I assisted them gladly.

    When did individuals performing their own assessments (particularly when dealing with a relatively untested treatment) and making decisions regarding their own health become an act deserving of public shame?
    For the love of God please don't ever vaccinate yourself or your children against anything. The human gene pool will thank you for this. Too bad you can transmit diseases and kill those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (e.g. a suppressed immune system) but I guess you're OK with that.


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      Originally posted by theriddick View Post
      Lots of people caught covid-19 and died, loads of people!
      Lets weigh that against all the bodies the vaccine has caused...... Unfortunately people prefer to believe nonsense rather then real-life hard cold factual data on these sorts of things.
      It seems putting up with being tired for a few days is far worse then catching covid for a bunch of people. sad.
      PS. You can catch c-19 over and over btw, getting over it does not make you immune!
      That is not how medical risk benefit analysis works. You have the entire rest of your lifetime to suffer ill effects from either of these things. We have means to prevent infection that are safer and equally effective, the decision is not between getting a vaccine and getting symptomatic covid.


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        Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
        Lastly, it's not a "leftist view" to encourage people to help fight off a disease that has killed millions. The fact people like you make vaccines political is why this world is screwed.
        When politicians started insisting on the vaccines and suppressing the alternatives, yes it's political; you're right that it's not a left vs right thing per se, it's more of a pharma shill (and people who follow them without question) vs independent thing.


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          Originally posted by sdack View Post

          The video is called "How to save the world, in three easy steps". They really should have called it "How to save the world, a three hour video pod cast."
          Hey, sometimes it takes three hours for an inventor of mRNA vaccines, an accomplished evolutionary biologist, and a brilliant (if a bit autistic) engineer to get this stuff off their chest. It's more worth your time than three hours of crafting witty responses to people on the phoronix forums, and you can do it while driving or on a train.


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            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            The whole point of vaccines are to save lives...

            ...In short, get vaccinated regardless of the vaccine type offered.
            Yep, the government is altruistically dedicated to saving lives. Why is that so hard to get?

            That's why it allows the fast food industry to kill in excess of 500k Americans EVERY YEAR by means of processed foods that are freely available to buy everywhere, and parents shove down their kids throats..

            Again - every year, not this one time covid thing.

            Government save lives! Me so smart - just jab me with everything you've got to offer.


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              Originally posted by microcode View Post
              When politicians started insisting on the vaccines and suppressing the alternatives, yes it's political; you're right that it's not a left vs right thing per se, it's more of a pharma shill (and people who follow them without question) vs independent thing.
              What alternatives? The only one I'm aware of is herd immunity, which is stupid and should be suppressed. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some holistic "cure" but that too should be suppressed if there's no science behind it. So, that's not a political thing either, that's just a matter of practicality.
              Politicians are also right to insist; that is precisely what they should be doing, because the whole point of the vaccines is to help eliminate the disease, and that can't happen unless everyone cooperates. These vaccines don't last forever, so we have a finite amount of time to really make a difference before booster shots are necessary. Politicians have no right to force anyone, which to my knowledge, they haven't.
              Just because a politician is doing something pertaining to their job, doesn't mean the action is political.


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                This thread was a fantastic follow up read on Linus's post and there were lots of good replies, but pro and against. But Linus really nailed it. Phoronix has some smart people and great discussions.

                It's true that this is the first generation, and waiting for second generation makes sense for most. But not for mom and dad, who you can't risk catching it in the wild.

                If your loved ones who are at risk are protected, then if you don't want to, you should also be able to make that decision also. Just like abortion.

                However, unlike abortion, your decision could affect others. Just like smoking.

                There's lots of nuances here, and as of 15 months ago, no one knew what a coronavirus is, so we should all pause before we act like know-it-alls, but Linus really nailed every point. Long-term effects of the spike protein and COVID are unknown, but I think we can all agree getting the vaccine is a better alternative than getting the actual virus and its mutations in the wild.


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                  Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post
                  We are constantly being told, This vaccine is safe, this vaccine is no longer safe, this vaccine is safe to take for second dosage. Then we are told take the vaccine and you wont need to wear a mask, then we are told we will need to wear a mask, the "Science" keeps flip flopping, especially here in Canada. All the while people who doubt Covid vaccines get censored.

                  I would trust Charlie Sheen's used condom more than the government at this point, If the government and tech is censoring information, its usually the government that is in the wrong, instead of being allowed to hear the other side, Why are we only allowed to hear one side of science but not the other when science is something that constantly evolves. Im not saying the vaccines are bad, for all I know they are probably a good thing, but when the government is willing to go this far to what is equivalent of brainwashing, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing. I do not understand how more people are not hesitant to get it.

                  Take the vaccine if you want to, I sure as shit ain't going to, not going to recommend it to anyone other than people with a high covid risk, and no body gonna be able to guilt trip me about it. even though Ontario's "opening up" is based on percentage of population vaccinated.
                  I don't envy the situation back in Canada. I saw the writing on the wall last year and moved to Wyoming (thankful to be a dual citizen). It is lovely here, people aren't nasty to each other and living in constant fear of one another. I pray for the rest of my family back home, it is crazy that they won't even loosen up for vaccinated people in any significant measure (only for a "vaccinated population", which doesn't make sense).



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                    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
                    Linus is all about community ... To this day, Nvidia is still a thorn in the progress of a smooth Linux desktop experience.
                    Linus is trying, but he is indeed well known for his sociopathic tantrums. It is partly a problem with the people around him, who did not tell him to shut up, but who allowed it to happen and thereby enabled this behaviour, which is really a defense mechanism of his. We all have such mechanisms. We all can then use a friend who tells us to shut up when we say dumb things. However, there is not always time for it and we think there are more important matters. Thus are programmers often known for being "trolls" or "basement dwellers" or "nerds".

                    There is then a reason why Nvidia had to switch to signed firmware blobs. Criminals had started modify the firmware to make a lower model appear like a more expensive one. Retailers could not tell the difference and customers ended up getting burned hard for their money. Anyone who ended up buying a fake card thought twice before buying Nvidia again. This became a great risk to Nvidia's image as a company and they had to ensure that customers got the right product and that such tampering could no longer happen. Hence the secure firmware. But ignorant as the open source community sometimes is when it comes to the interests of companies do they to this day bash Nvidia for it. I use the proprietary Nvidia drivers with their out-of-tree modules, get Vulkan, CUDA and VideoSDK support, and leave the angry rants to the nerds.
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                    • Originally posted by drakonas777 View Post
                      It's always nice to see how COVID19 or LGBTQ+ related topics expose uneducated pieces of shit in this forum.
                      Just because you disagree with people doesn't mean they're uneducated. You are the intoleramus here.