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University Banned From Contributing To Linux Kernel For Intentionally Inserting Bugs

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  • University Banned From Contributing To Linux Kernel For Intentionally Inserting Bugs

    Phoronix: University Banned From Contributing To Linux Kernel For Intentionally Inserting Bugs

    Greg Kroah-Hartman has banned a US university from trying to mainline Linux kernel patches over intentionally submitting questionable code with security implications and other "experiments" in the name of research...

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    This should be fun to see develop...


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      Originally posted by Michael
      Typo: use-after-free


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        lol well there goes that university's credibility. Though looking into them, seems all they really got going for them is pumping out SJWs, so.... yeah.

        I'm curious about what some of the other patches are that will be removed.


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          GregKH, while writing the email: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

          Jokes aside, this is too unethical for words. No research should allowed to be conducted in these terms.


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            Looks like this university should stick to parsing technical words in source code that they don't understand to find "offensive" terms and scream about them for SJWs because I'm sure the internals of the Linux kernel are the only source of repression in inner city Minneapolis.

            If universities still cared about actual ethics beyond empty virtue signalling, then these "researchers" should be up on academic charges with penalties up to and including expulsion from the school. But ethics don't seem to be very important anymore.


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              A quote from the "researcher's" CV
              "Open-Source Security: Studying how vulnerabilities can be introduced in open source programs by seemingly valid patches."


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                Good Research paper, It exposes a lot of issues in Large Open Source Projects.
                Instead of focusing on their deeds, they should focus on resolving those issues by introducing new strict policies for contributing code to a very sensitive project like Linux kernel.


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                  This may become an ongoing problem, as the for-profit universities in America are now competing with one another to establish and maintain computer science/cyber-security programs and are desperate to do whatever they can to further their programs and branding, which includes things like publishing vulnerability papers and developing viruses and malware.


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           ...thats a very interessting case. Btw I would also like to see Torvalds reaction