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  • article series suggestion

    Hello Phoronix,

    Could you do out of box distro gunfights?

    Mabox vs devuan
    Mabox vs siduction

    I see a distro on distrowatch and I think hey I wonder how that would perform.

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    Manjaro is one of the best renditions of Arch Linux for the desktop user and you can experience its goodness through about a dozen desktop environments. Mabox is a Manjaro spin that’s based on the Openbox desktop, which is rather strange since Manjaro already has a community-supported Openbox edition. However, not only does Mabox predate Manjaro Openbox, the project also does a wonderful job of adapting the Openbox desktop.

    For starters, Mabox doesn’t use as many Xfce components as Manjaro Openbox, which makes it even lighter. Secondly, the distro has several home-brewed tools and utilities that help it distinguish itself and present a streamlined desktop.