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Data Suggests CoC + Outreachy Hasn't Helped Increase Female Participation In Debian

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  • Originally posted by lyamc View Post
    I did not say that someone is either a genius or a schizophrenic, I was referring to your earlier statement about how you believe there is no difference between a mad man and a genius.
    wrong i never said that. i believe there is a difference between a man man and a genius.
    i said to you: a stupid man can see no difference. only intelligent people can see a different.

    Originally posted by lyamc View Post
    Also, my reference to Nazbol was mocking you. It went over your head, which is hilarious, but regardless, I really think you should see a mental health specialist.
    believe me nothing can "mock" me. i just know the facts i study history for a long time and i have many high level books (real books in my room about this).

    it is people like you who have no fucking clue about (real) history. you are just brainwashed into the mainstream believe by media/social media/wikipedia whatsoever propaganda.

    and yes mental health specialist... everthing i showed you about this was unknown for you.

    you even never read any article like this

    your level of knowlege in this field is lets say it clearly non exitent.

    your qualifikation is: you worked in health and talked to schitzophrenic people.

    well thats fine. thats makes you an expert.


    • Originally posted by lyamc View Post
      I’m not qualified to deal with whatever mental issues you’ve got going on.
      right you are not qualified.... thats the sad part about this.

      why not start to read some articles and start to educate yourself ?


      • Originally posted by mppix View Post
        Referring to some of the later posts and if this thread is anything to go by, it reveals that we still have a long way to go. Enough posters seem to be rather insecure man that are scared. A lot of the sentiment looks a lot like fear from a real competition and from falling short. Hence, the preferred action is to marginalize and create an unwelcoming environment for groups of people; or at least to not be accommodating.
        Luckily, every institution and relevant company is pledging to equal opportunity. Many things stated here could not be repeated in your work environment. I also suspect that many would not repeat their statements if you had to post your real name.
        Anonymity is good for some things. However, it this case surely looks like a bunch of cowards in need for a safe space to vent.
        No the people who are scared are the ones who, for example, flagged my post to get it deleted because they didn't like the content. Little internet fascists run amok, mostly because if they tried to exert any kind of power in the real world, they would be rewarded with a swift fist to the face. I'm happy to repeat what I say and attach my real name to it because what I say is true. Women in the workplace was a dumb idea. We tried it and it didn't work, it's ok to admit that.