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DVI PCI video card for "old" debian 10 desktop

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  • guara
    I have an old non-functional NVIDIA 6200 LE (AGP). As far as I know, they once produced a PCI version of this card and it has both DVI and VGA outputs. It is a budget GPU, but at least it is passively cooled.

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  • jibanes
    started a topic DVI PCI video card for "old" debian 10 desktop

    DVI PCI video card for "old" debian 10 desktop

    I have this "old" i-4770k machine, great machine, but the motherboard's video is flakey, I don't want to swap the motherboard at this time, and the (only) 2 pci-e slots are already used for storage adapters; so I'm hopeful to find a PCI card (this motherboard has 2 slots, one being available) for video output, I don't need fancy, just a bunch of xterms and such; but my monitor _requires_ DVI (it's old, but works great), it has no (analog) VGA.

    I realized there aren't too many DVI-out video cards on pci really, ATI Radeon 7000, Matrox G450 etc. I have heard the G550 driver "has issues" (it's too old, needs maintained probably). So I would like to ask the community which PCI video card would run fine on debian 10 in 2021? Preferably, I would like it to be able to display a minimum of 1920x1200 or higher; but 1920x1200 is sufficient. I would rather stay on debian 10 too, not switch to unstable yet. Extra points if it works on openbsd too.