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I'm leaving the company and I signed this regarding open source libraries I developed

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  • I'm leaving the company and I signed this regarding open source libraries I developed

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask.

    I'm in the process of changing job and I'm the main developer of some libraries (ports from C/C++ to Jvm/Kotlin). They were developed primarly under the company, but also in my free time. Their scope goes beyond the company.

    Most of them are MIT, 2 Apache-2.0 and one BSD-3-Clause and I have a Patreon page for one of them, (the most personal time consuming one)

    I signed something translatable as
    Mr. X also confirms that he has granted the company an irrevocable, temporally and spatially unlimited, transferable right to exploit the works created by him in the context of or in the event of the employment relationship being protected by copyright, including software the processing includes, whereby the obligation to name the copyright is waived. The company has the exclusive rights to the code, Mr. X will not hear of any use for his own or third-party purposes. The provisions of the Employee Invention Act remain unaffected

    Said that I have absolutely no problem continuining letting them use/work them, does this may open the door to some potentially unethical actions? Does this ensure both parties?

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    I will look into it for you with some people that are far smarter than me on corporate lingo, but at first glance, what this tells me is this:

    1. All of what you did in the context of being an employee belongs to the company. This is standard if you used company time and resources to do it.
    2. That work you did is owned by the company and they can use it as they see fit. It is intellectual property that belongs to the company and is not yours. If you try try to copyright it, you are in trouble as the company owns it.
    3. The company has exclusive rights to the code whether you did it on their systems or not because you put it on their systems.
    4. If the company does something with the code you wrote, they are not only under no obligation to tell you, they will not tell you.

    I hope that helps.

    Caveat....I am no lawyer, but i do understand non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property agreements. In effect, what you signed is both - according to my (humble) analysis of what you wrote.
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      It is possible that they will own the rights to whatever you make, which may also sadly include outside work, double check your contract on who owns the rights to everything you produce.

      The best thing to do is announce it to your legal or HR department and either get written evidence that yours is what you're doing or change your contract. Just be aware because you can have problems if the item you make competes in any way with what the manufacturer manufactures.


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        TIL Patreon can be for both Software and "soft wear"