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Linux 5.8 Formally Adds The Inclusive Terminology Guidelines

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    Originally posted by bobbie424242 View Post
    I think kernel people are not going far enough.

    Instead of just changing words, they should banish "master / slave" (or its 2020 politically correct inclusive wording) architecture entirely from the kernel.
    No kernel subsystem should control another, no matter how you call it. All subsystems should be created equal and cooperate on free will with no one subsystem dictating what another should do. This is unacceptable in 2020.
    I think you just discovered node.js/co-operative multi-tasking. Sorry, async.


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      For shits and giggles i told this to my non-geek leftard parents. I mean, i love them but they are very caricatural leftards of the far-left revolutionary category, some of their friends are still risking their lives and dying for lost causes you wouldn't even think of !

      My father said "whoa" and then joked that he always told me that Linux was a stupid system. My mother said something like "how clumsy/silly !".

      If even the far left is finding you silly...

      The question i wonder is: Is it like Stephen Hawking who was a very interesting and competent physicist who thoroughly ridiculed himself each time he talked about politics or do they allow general purpose idiots in the kernel development ? And why didn't Linus just say "Stop this and get over yourselves !".


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        Found it on Twitter. Perfectly fitting for many of you guys in here.


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          I remain to be convinced that 'blocklist' is not a poor choice of terminology as it is ambiguous. Is it a list of blocks e.g. a list of available blocks on a block-based storage device; or is a list of items to be blocked i.e. not allowed to progress? It will probably be clear from the context, but I suggest it would have been better to choose non-ambiguous terms - like allowlist and denylist. But, it is too late now. Sigh.


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            I think it is fine to phase out words like "slave" and "blacklist" if anyone feels offended. I do not think the world should stop for a megalithic find and replace commit while we all make sure nothing broke.

            It feels like an opportunity to identify better terms like allow/block. Languages evolve so we should not feel tied to words just because "that's the way it's always been". Sometimes we need to embrace longer lines of code .


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              Originally posted by ddriver View Post
              So followers are slave devices?
              POTUS is the boss-leader of the "Free World". POTUS invented Internet, TOR, Wikipedia, etc. Everything else is a slave. So now we are creating computer widows, because we are married to the computer.


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                Originally posted by Teggs View Post
                There is nothing wrong with the word 'master'. It's used all over the place to good effect, describing a high level of competence in a craft, who is in charge of a situation, etc. ...
                Slave on the other hand is always paired with Master and that combination does directly reference human slavery (though not necessarily racism).
                Personally I support that slave can go. Removing master is actively stupid. Whitelist and blacklist could be replaced with less disruption, but the effort against them is a false flag attack by Social Justice Warriors and is therefore tantamount to lying. If you lie in your code, it either works poorly, or doesn't work at all. If you lie in your Code of Conduct...
                East Asian people like myself are neither BLACK, nor WHITE. "Inclusion" is the current fashion trend. Can we be included, please, Master?

                Several other changes are happening. USA created the Internet, TOR, and theoretical freedom of expression. Instead of English being tied to just one nation, the USA also liberated English.

                In as binary world, the first signs of cognitive intelligence is the creation of a concept, where no concepts existed before: Master-Slave, Black-White, Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, Right-Left, etc. Reality is not really binary, but can be proved to be statistical & continuous. So in South Africa, they created Black-White, then Honorary-White (Japanese) & Colored (others).

                When the binary intelligences first create these early concepts, they are like children, creating "intelligence" where none existed before. Later developments then go further. The creation of monotheism, then various polytheists coming from these manifests, is interesting, from an evolutionary viewpoint. Same cognitive processes are religious debates in all cognitive areas, including Linux. Hindsight shows how "actively stupid" (quoting the OP) the childish creators were about these earlier definitions. Such is history. Galileo, Linnaeus & Charles Darwin were also so stupid? Or were the traditional conservatives so "actively stupid"?


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                  I've started using linux in 1990. Since 2000, I am using Linux as my main OS on a daily basis. As of today I'm evaluating alternatives that are not provided by morons that value "inclusivity" higher than the quality of the code.


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                    They say, let's bring democracy
                    * and destroy every country that will not obey their rules

                    They say, let's beat the terrorists
                    * and take away your rights to privately communicate

                    They say, let's fight racism
                    * and try to divide us in (ready to be discriminated) groups (left/right, white/black, man/woman, muslim/non-muslim, hetero/LGBTQ etc)

                    They say, let's save the planet/climate
                    * and become filthy rich of fossil fuel
                    * and become filthy rich by investing in so called "clean" energy sources
                    * and burn the lungs of the earth (trees/forests) for biofuel
                    * and package everything in plastic so you can be blaimed for poluting the planet

                    They say, let's save the economy
                    * and become filthy rich by a debt-based money system, with a banking systems that is rotten to the core
                    * and bail out big corporations while small business is left to die

                    They say, politically correctness is good
                    * and change the meaning of words because unmature "victims" might be hurt by them
                    * and try to force what you can think and say
                    * and try to take away your own responsibility and blaim others
                    * and make speaking of real world problems impossible, so they cannot be solved

                    They, say, diversity is good
                    * and silence every form of quality discussion
                    * and force people with all kind of cultures to live with each other
                    * and kill every form of national identity people might have

                    They say, fake news is bad
                    * and try to kill alternative news that is now doing what main-stream-media should be doing
                    * and try to force what you should/shouldn't believe by so called fact-checking

                    They say, let's beat "the virus"
                    * and manipulate the numbers in all sorts of ways so it looks worse than it is
                    * and lock you down so your immunesystem gets weaker
                    * and take away your right to freely assemble
                    * and divide us (literally) by "social distancing"
                    * and make you wear a mask so you become a faceless being
                    * and invest bigtime in vaccine-companies

                    Ofcourse it's not about bringing democracy, fighting terrorism or rascism, saving the planet, climate or economy, politically correctness, diversity, fake news or the virus.

                    It's -back to topic- about them becoming the MASTER and you becoming the SLAVE.
                    No misunderstanding there.

                    Stop using smart devices and get yourself an old phone.
                    Stop using social media and start seeing real people personally again.

                    Stop being useful idiots by fighting each other, and inform yourself:

                    The Corbett report :
                    Computing forever :
                    The last american vagabond :
                    The conscious resistance :


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                      Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
                      I've started using linux in 1990. Since 2000, I am using Linux as my main OS on a daily basis. As of today I'm evaluating alternatives that are not provided by morons that value "inclusivity" higher than the quality of the code.
                      Cool story bro. Even cooler that you started using an OS in 1990 which had its first release in 1991...