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Firefox Private Network Is Now Official As Mozilla VPN

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    Originally posted by Giovanni Fabbro View Post
    So explain this then with your ageist attitude: why is it that "millions of dollars" worth of Bitcoin just "disappears" when Bitcoin exchanges inevitably go tits up because they have no liquidity to back transactions, and people lose their entire wallets worth?
    Because the value of everything is determined by its demand, no exceptions.
    This is true with paper money as well, there have been enough cases where the value of some state's paper money went down to zero and everybody lost everything

    When markets collapse and fake money, including Bitcoin, has no value, you're gonna wish you had some kind of limited-allocation physical resource to barter with.
    Find me a limited-allocation physical resource whose value is not determined by its demand.

    Barter is just a way to trade, the value of the traded objects still follows the same principles.

    For example nobody is going to give a shit about gold in a survival situation, so its value is going to be zero even in barter.

    And with barter the value of all commodities will swing even more wildly depending on how much each buyer will need them, now that converting them into something else is so much harder.
    If you have a water well at home the value you give to water in a barter is zero, if you have a stash of food the value you give to additional food is also zero.
    If you have no way to defend a gold stockpile or caravan from raiders/thieves, the value you give to gold gets into the negative, i.e. you want to get rid of it asap to avoid attracting unwanted attention.


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      So mozilla currently say ‘We currently offer Mozilla VPN in the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia’. So they are positioning this to these markets; None of which are ‘bad’ for internet censorship. Their website offers me ‘One tap to privacy’. But having a VPN means is that rather than my ISP seeing my traffic, they can see it all. Why are they more trustworthy then Nordvpn, for example? How do I not know they are not owned by a company that is owned by a company that is owned by the Chinese state?