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Microsoft President Brad Smith Acknowledges They Were Previously Wrong On Open-Source

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  • Originally posted by JustinTurdeau View Post

    Yawn. You're arriving to this thread a bit late to do PR damage control aren't you?
    Yes, I'm Satya Nadella, take your meds, lol


    • Originally posted by increasechief View Post

      I think calling MS on their bluff is more than fair. Clearly they are making more money gathering and selling personal information (Microslurp) than they can on their shallow code quality and QA practices. Open source is looking more and more like a gambit as their recent acquisitions has been fairly transparent attempts to purchase quality developer communities largely owing to the fact they are incapable of building this themselves. I mean only GitHub has really accomplished this so not saying it's easy by any stretch. Nothing new there, they have a looong earned reputation of buying (borg'ing) others nice things.
      You can probably claim the same for half of the big companies that contribute to Linux now, not just Microsoft (i.e. IBM/ Intel etc etc).

      I never claimed that Microsoft is completely honest, of course they have their intentions which is as a company to make money. I just said that they are doing proper open source work, i.e. they are using standard open source licenses vetted by FSF and they are contributing to the Linux kernel in the same way anyone else is.


      • Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

        The hilarious part is that it is exactly the opposite, Closed Source is the communist cancer equivalent and Open Source is liberty, free market, and democracy.
        I'm not going to discuss about politics in this community. I mean the most important thing is that we are on the same boat and we can do amazing things for the world we want. Lol I look like a poltician xDDDDD