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Who Killed KDE via QtCompany (Mystery Solved!!)

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  • Who Killed KDE via QtCompany (Mystery Solved!!)

    Wow! Now we know who hates KDE! I always assumed it was Microsoft. Now we know!

    A guy who has GNOME in its nickname (GNOME_Shill_3) posted here on phoronix the following:

    "Exactly. KDE does not deserve to live unless it conforms to GNOME's vision. KWin should die. In fact, KDE should just be a GNOME extension. I mean, it might break on every GNOME release, but that's their problem."

    "Are you from Mutter/GNOME? Was it you who reached out Qt Company to kill KDE? Do you envy that KDE has Kwin and everyghing works on OpenGL incl. VSync to Blank and GNOME is stuttering and missing CPU cycles and is horrible rendering nightmare? I thought it was Microsoft. Now I know who really envied KDE and Killed it. Unskilled GNOME devs. Eff you, GNOME! "

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    No, the ones who are killing KDE is 144Hz and his crusade.


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      Actually really think its Qt that is killing KDE...