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    Originally posted by kenjo View Post

    No that does not work. stat for nerds do not show the issue. you have to look at the video. I made a slowmo recording of how it looks for me. Note how the stats is not showing any dropped frames (well it has it constantly at the same value). Probably the software thinks it is showing every frame and maybe it is but if that is the case the frame rate is way off as my monitor is 60Hz and the video is 60Hz the frames should be alternating red/green every frame flip and this video shows that there is very uneven displaytimes for frames. this is very wrong. it usually is not this bad. I probably should make one of the ps4 also just to show how it should look like in slowmo.

    edit: i added a video from the ps4 also if you single step the video. first "spacebar" to stop video then "." to step frame you see that the ps4 display the red/green equal time as it should, this is not happening for me under linux.
    Here is a video of what I see. You'll need to download it and play it in a video player as the OneDrive built-in video player doesn't display 60 FPS properly.

    I see a flickering orange screen and when I stop the video and progress a frame at a time... shows green and red. So you're saying that's not the correct behavior and it should be orange with every frame?


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      A camera recording with 60Hz or faster will record the red/green alternation so that is correct.

      The eyes on the other hand is going to see some average blend of the colors. It should be yellow its after all basically the the same as a rgb(255, 255, 0). but tv/monitors are not perfect so what I seen is more like orange. But the eyes is sensitive enough that you will notice if there is two frames with same color as that will be like a quick color change of the whole picture. So if you look at the whole video and never see a color change things works ok on the other hand if you see something like a "flash" you just saw two frames having the same color and that should not have happened. If you can see red or green there is even more than just one extra frame with same color.


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        Stadia is a cloud-based gaming service powered by Linux, and is advertised to work on Chromebooks (which are Linux-based machines) as well as via the Google Chrome cast Ultra. So, in a shock to that one person who was asleep most of the summer, I hear that Stadia DOES work in Google Chrome web browser on Ubuntu

        Mika Hawkins