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New Qt Releases Might Now Be Restricted To Paying Customers For 12 Months

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    gojul That would require you exceed the critical mass. LibreOffice pulled that on the CLAed OpenOffice. That was a long fight.

    Who’s going to stand up against Qt? So far KDE has only proven incapable of acknowledging the problem. How do you expect them to fix it? They haven’t done any low level programming widely used or accepted by others. Look at PIM. Look at Akonadi/Baloo. Look at Phonon. Look at Kwin. Look at DWD. Look at KF.
    I hate you. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.

    This is just ridiculous anti-KDE propaganda, and even worse, The Qt Company making it worse.

    Replace PIM with purple?
    Replace Akonadi and Baloo with Tracker?
    Replace Phonon with GStreamer?
    Replace KWin with Mutter?
    Replace DWD with nothing?
    Replace KF with GLib?!

    Yeah sure what is next? Replace KDE with GNOME?!?!


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      Originally posted by CommunityMember View Post

      With the C++ language and library enhancements over the years a fair amount of the Qt plumbing can be synthesized these days (there has been preliminary work to use reflection and introspection to replace moc, for example), and there are now more cases where a Q[something] can be replaced by a std::[else]. But it would be a lot of work just to maintain the status quo, and no project of any size would choose to do so.
      You could use a modern C++ standard and boost to supply most of the low-level Qt functionality and use any other toolkit for UI. But no matter how you spin it you're still looking at going back to the drawing board.


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        Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
        Bye KDE. It was nice knowing ya. That is what you get for being just a tech demo for Qt.
        1. KDE is not going anywhere
        2. KDE is not a tech demo in any sense of the phrase (we've already had this discussion)
        3. Stop trolling


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          It doesn't sound like this is the death of KDE & other Qt apps for the time being, the only problem might come if Qt Comp. decides to not fix/push bug fixes for the +12 month old qt versions. They might intentionally do that just to nudge customers using the free versions to the paid ones. I've seen this happen with a number of one-trick-pony companies, the free versions often get bug fixes way too late when it doesn't matter any more. If this happens with KDE et al., they'll be forced to fork qt, but then the amount of work necessary to support and develop the forked code might be very substantial. It might not be even worth it. Kinda unfortunate given how much I like KDE.
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            Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

            I hate you. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.

            This is just ridiculous anti-KDE propaganda, and even worse, The Qt Company making it worse.

            Yeah sure what is next? Replace KDE with GNOME?!?!
            Yes. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice 3.34 and 3.36 were once I added a few plugins. Not enough to switch from KDE, but I liked it well enough, understood others' appeal, and got what they, meaning the Gnome/GTK devs, were aiming for. Went back to using KDE.

            Fast forward to today where my FOSS Alarm went off.

            So, yeah, the Qt Company is most definitely making it worse. I was gonna spend the rest of the day and tomorrow and the next few days doing something I've really wanted to do but didn't have the time until now -- Do my 2nd ever Gentoo install, only this time use InBetweenNames' Gentoo LTO overlay. I was gonna do it from a Sabayon KDE live environment and install an optimized KDE system, but this announcement made me decide to switch to using Gnome.

            Just curious -- Anyone else considering stuff like Gentoo or Linux From Scratch now that we have all of this free time?


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              QT not so cute anymore....
              grab your torch and pitchfork and singing fat lady.


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                Originally posted by onlyLinuxLuvUBack View Post
                QT not so cute anymore....
                grab your torch and pitchfork and singing fat lady.

                I only have so many hands.

                Can I stick a fat lady with a pitchfork and light her on fire?


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                  Originally posted by zoltanp View Post
                  My personal opinion:
                  If a company takes such a drastic step, I assume that it either has big financial problems, or it's mis-managed.
                  In the first case, it might not be around for long in its current form.
                  financial problems, a lot of them ten years always in debt, Canonical gives up from unity 8 for ubuntu, and Kde usage is low as ever


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                    I've lurked on these boards for years but did not create an account until today.

                    I recently started in on a new project (#Covid19Quarantine) and I was trying to figure out whether to use QT or GTK. I settled on GTK because I run Ubuntu but I didn't have a compelling reason to choose one over the other. This article helped put that doubt to rest.

                    If anyone is curious about what is required to create a simple GTK application in Python, I have a thorough explanation of what is required on my website (check bio).


                    • Pity GTK has always been so bloody awful. I semi-regularly try to switch to it (because KDE/Plasma/Qt/branding-whatver has its own swathe of issues), but it just can't do the job :-( .... If only openStep hadn't been abandoned by the community back then. (jk: I'm sure it had/has its own issues) :-/

                      As for the CoronaVirus excuse. That really inflames me. It is now the go-to get-out-of-anything-free excuse across the planet. (My elderly and mobility-impaired mother found out yesterday that our country's directory assistance service - something that has been provided by at-home distributed call center workers for over 2 decades - is now suspended because of 'CoronaVirus'!!!!)
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