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Fedora Adopts A New Vision Statement

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    Originally posted by birdie View Post
    What about paying attention to and fixing major bugs instead? RedHat developers have broken a major feature - no one bothers even to reply to a bug report. WTF, Fedora?

    And it's not the only bug report like that. There are literally thousands of them.
    It is true Pango broke some things in the latest version.
    As of the latest version the line size has changed to that of the broken FreeType one.

    This is why I am scared to use PuTTY again...
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      bash2bash I had similar experience with LinuxMint IRC and forum .. had to solve problem for a friend my self going through ubuntu forums.. #NetBSD is really nice people on Freenode and their mailing lists also .. haven't had this feeling of community elsewhere


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        Originally posted by Volta View Post
        Can this Miller explain what 'open minded' means or perhaps, he was so open he's already possessed and he's babbling?
        Here's what it means: In the name of diversity, we must all goose-step to the same mantra, and in the name of inclusivity, we must ostracise and ruin anyone who has different values or opinions from ourselves. After that, we must all pat each other on the back, and compliment ourselves for being so diverse and inclusive.


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          Originally posted by Grim85 View Post

          You're welcome to get started on decoupling systemd from Fedora, call it Feora. We can add it to the list of systemd free distros like Devuan or Artix that almost no one uses
          Sounds super-duper inclusive.


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            I like how this vision clearly differentiates Fedora from all other similar projects.
            It's impressive!


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              Debian code is preferred by the vast majority of Linux system creators & users. Fedora and other RPM users have deep architectural reasons why they are so hostile to end users.
              Fedora, Red Hat, Centos etc are based on the RPM package manager. Third party applications have trouble about which version of RPM to use. The several code creators generally stay with DEBIAN package managers. Canonical etc are pioneering greater innovation and community participation than Fedora. Far more Linux operating systems & users prefer Canonical-based systems than Fedora-based systems.
              Unless Red Hat redesigns their RPM package, the RPM communities will stay small and very divided. The unresolved bug reports will increase far beyond salvage.
              Red Hat & Fedora also face the preference of hardware suppliers. Both Debian & Canonical seem to be preferred, compared to the very confusing RPM groups.


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                Originally posted by andyprough View Post

                And where do I find the openRC spin?

                Great community, too.


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                  1) The Fedora Project
                  So who's that exactly? And should everybody who considers oneself pertinent to "The Fedora Project" eg by contributing to it, stay in line with the party? What if not?

                  2) envisions
                  What's that exactly? Dreams of? Why not put it this way then?

                  3) a world where everyone benefits
                  Not sure why *everyone* should be able to benefit from my time If I were a contributor.
                  Is it me, or does this sound contrary to GNU/GPL way and more like the BSD take our project and benefit from it way?

                  4) from free and open source software built by inclusive, welcoming, and open-minded communities.
                  Most importantly - Why it has to do anything with who built it? In what state of openmindness, welcomeness, and inclusiveness?


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                    Gotta love how some people fight so hard to discredit the idea of having basic human decency to others, and against the idea of establishing exactly what that line is so they have no grey area to hide in and whine that "I didn't do anything, stop oppressing me and let me be a big manchild who doesn't have to finally learn how to play nice!"

                    Wait, no, I don't.

                    Nor do I have to have sympathy for those lacking in social cue reading due to their own choice to not pick up a book on reading body language and vocal tones. I wasn't born with those social instincts either, bub, yet I still learned, so I wouldn't accidentally insult or otherwise distress others in ways I can avoid.


                    Because I'm neither a sociopath nor a psychopath. I care whether I make the world a more unpleasant place.

                    Because I'm neither a nine-year-old boy who takes his ball and runs home when people don't put up with my bullying, nor a fifteen-year-old girl who gets angry about others exposing her attempts to socially sabotage somebody in my way.

                    Because I've been in both the giving and receiving ends of verbal and written abuse, and I realized how dehumanizing it is for both parties.

                    I grew the #$%!* up, and I invite those who continue to protest the making-explicit and enforced rules to do so as well -- it'll take less energy in the long run to change those habits than it will to keep typing out the same tired rationalizations for their flawed adaptations to past, actual disempowerment.

                    Being fairly punished for being a bully doesn't make you a victim. Being a victim in the past does not justify you complaining about being denied the self-dehumanizing and other-dehumanizing "power" to be a bully yourself today. It's okay to be upset, just don't let your brain's self-defense tendencies blind you to the cycle you perpetuate.

                    Or something. I'm not a psychologist, and I doubt many of the trolls that slink about here like wild Grimers and Muks in a Pokémon world's sewers would listen either way.

                    Why would they, when they can just cry "Virtue Signaling" and repost some screed defending the "right" to be an ass, or appealing to "traditions" that have historically excluded anyone who fails to kowtow to their worldview of a meritocracy where the merit is "willing to put up with whatever vileness gets slung, on top of everything else in their life", rather than merely whether the code, tests, and documentation they submit is up to quality and functionality standards?
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                      BTW, megacorps with history of screwing clients and public in general by advocating proprietary closed-sourceness on all levels are now the new darlings of the inclusiveness guardians.
                      M$ has won again.

                      Making policies based on the feeling of bitterness (or feelings in general for that matter) is a poor choice.