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It Was One Company from the Beginning - United we Stand!

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  • It Was One Company from the Beginning - United we Stand!

    It Was One Company from the Beginning - United we Stand!

    I understand some would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but libre software veterans never forget and they are not gullible or stupid. Like in the old IBM advertisement they look, watch, observe and learn. The recent stack of events surrounding libre software is not been happening by an accident but rather by the design. The old veterans of freeing ourselves from the grasp of insecure, mediocre at best, software, that nobody has control over, remember the viscous attacks they have been under. And it came from one and only one company: M I C R O S O F T.

    The blatant, on the surface war may be over, but it's "ain't over till its over". And we are not forgetting it. Now its the covert, dirty operations tactic. And it has been under the investigation for a while. The investigation is ongoing and they feed the entire IRC channels to the clever algorithms they develop, to extract meaningful data from it, "reverse-engineer" it and follow the money trail.

    The clever, intelligent people of libre software are not going anywhere. Piece by piece they uncover the gruesome realm of the underground war that is ongoing and has never been stopped. One company instructing other, the company instructing people and the money follows. But you must never forget that there are people who know what is going on. Because they have never forgot SCO, nor the book by Ken Brown ("Linus Stole Linux from Me") nor sudo/kdesu being patented. And now they unveil the mystery behind dirty, Frank Underwood style, war tactics against people who were long standing champions and promoters of the free code and freedom for the common people. The money trails has always led to one and only one company: M I C R O S O F T. Undermine, brake, divide and conquer the people and the projects. Among those tactics are also the dirty "breakage" (by separation) of the leaders and "interception" of "foot soldiers" (by luring them with salaries "similarity tools"). All of this done to swallow the cancer they have been always battling. And I am writing this here, on the website that itself is guilty of promoting the dirty assassin's products.

    We are free, we are here and we are not going anywhere. Fear us, because united we stand!

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    Wait what?! sudo is patented?!

    Oh wow now I guess I gotta pay royalties every time I want to run a command as root :l


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      Microsoft is run under a new CEO, who radically disagrees with Gates and Ballmer. "People never change" is a dangerous mindset, "companies never change" is downright naive.

      Also, nobody cares about you. Microsoft is making software for business, they don't give a toss if you can't decide if you want to install GNOME or KDE, they're writing software for sysadmins to get their jobs done, not helping them tinker with their pet OS. Why are you so focused on thinking everyone is out to get you in specific? You sound incredibly self-centered and unworldly. If you're so paranoid about the world being out to get you, why are you even bothering? Hide in a cave or something. You're not contributing to anything with this "freedom fighter" software cult fluff.