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Brave Browser - Another Chainblock Bullshit

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  • Brave Browser - Another Chainblock Bullshit

    Ads and Cryptocurrency

    Brave Browser - how many more times will this name going to be repeated over and over again, untill everyone will realize that its just a scam and sales pitch cashing on ever failing reputation of tech giants. Is Brendon Eich so convinced that we are so dumb and naive to fall for that?

    There's nothing that distinguish this spinn-off from Google Chorme/Chromium. Its just a copy of it with ad-blocker on top. Except one thing- it substitues someone elses ads on a website, with its own and attracts new hippies with blockchain/bitcoin, new age, mambo-jumbo. They call it rewards. Rewards like in all good fashioned Amway. It sounds good. And people love to be rewarded. But the "reward" is virtual and based on....Ethereum. Lots of fancy rubbish names that mean absolutely nothing to the end user who just wants to watch his youtube and check facebook. End result: Brave Browser steals money from website owners and content creators by substituting web owners ads with its own to benefit one person- browser creator- Bren*dan Eich.

    And if you still have doubs- Brave Browser DOES collect you data. But you don't know it because who of a sane mind reads all terms of services and licenses and decodes them to human readable format. Absolutely nobody. And if they are selling their own ads substituting someone elses ads, they have to know as much about you as possible (Brave's "ad matching mechanism", "local storage", "event activity", "“When you join Brave Re*wards, your browser will au*to*mat*i*cally start tal*ly*ing (…) the at*ten*tion you spend on sites you visit.”). The browser is "free" and you are the product to cash on. With their own ads substituting other ads. No more no less.

    Only naive would believe otherwise. Chainblock made of the code of ethereum, Uphold* crypto wallet (re*quires a lots of valu*able in*for*ma*tion; birth*date, home ad*dress, photo ID, to name a few) and rewards - bunch of mumbo jumbo for naive people, that just basically mean a sqat.

    The founder of this chainblock browser (that is just some ad-bloker on top of Chrome/Chromium code) will be the sole beneficiar of this scheme and you are the product. Freemium as usual. And Bren*dan Eich is doing precisely that. You know what they say- once a cheater- always a cheater. Today he's layering his own ads on someone elses website/work and stealing money form content creators.

    "Rewards", "fair share", "new", "improved", "private", "authentic", "basic attention token", "content creators", "rewarding", "tipping", "new", "improved". Nice sales pitch Mr. Eichman. But I am not falling for that.

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    Impudent but at the same time very informative post


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      I thought the concept of local data collecting instead of going to a central server was really nice. Not working out, but it's a well-meaning system.

      Also I don't even care about the rewards system, I use Brave because it works way better than Chrome. Don't even say it's just Chrome with an adblocker, it's leagues above Chrome in performance. My Chrome doesn't even start working until a few minutes after opening it, it's like Windows 98 or Mac OS 9. Brave is extremely optimized and actually shocked me at how good Chromium can work in the right hands.

      Also, what are you using instead? Chromium? That's the only answer I'd accept. Firefox is completely screwed and just as bad as official Google Chrome itself, except it works even worse because everything, for better or worse, only works with Blink+V8 now. Even Microsoft accepted this fact and threw out Edge, and unlike Mozilla they actually do have the manpower to maintain a unique browser, but knew it would be a losing battle. I'm saddened browser diversity is dead, but it is what it is, accept it and move on or stay in the past.