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Mozilla Firefox is spying on you and so is Liux - No Better than Windows.

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  • Mozilla Firefox is spying on you and so is Liux - No Better than Windows.

    More and more Linux and its ecosystem and applications are spying on you. Lets look at a few:

    1.geolocation: geo-ip, geoip-city in order to precisely pinpoint where you live (have you tried to remove it?- good luck);
    2.UUID: dbus creating your unique ID in order to identify you without resonable doubt; unremovable.
    3.Spying on you via reverse TCP/IP;
    4.Zero efforts by Linus to secure the kernel (out of the box);
    5.Bianary blobs in the kernel that you don't know what they do (if you OK with it you are one of those: "I have nothing to hide, I don't care");
    6.DRM-ing kernel via DHCP (what the!) as opt-out feature, and soon unremovable;
    7.DRM-ing kernel with Rust License (you can't modify the kernel);
    8.Browsers that steal your UUID and look into root folder while there's no reason to do it (eg. chrome(ium) looking into /etc/machine-id or dbus) for "your own good", because the have to. You can't browse the Internet without this "passport". They know better.
    9.Refusal by Linus to harden the kernel (vide zero efforts to take over after Grsync or whatever). Who cares, right? The most important are headlines on phoronix about more features. Who cares that they are useless/non-working/broken/unsecure;
    10. Nvidia binary closed source drivers side channel hacking you (yep!);
    11. Absolutely zero GPL wifi drivers (its a network device);
    12. Intel Management Engine and TPM beyond anyone's control;
    13. Evergrowing Mozilla's Firefox bullshit "features". Doing oposite your privacy but claiming otherwise (check internals of Firefox before you suck up to that marketing bullshit);
    14. Non patched Heartbleed in Firefox (aka "safe negotiations");
    15. Refusal of everyone to use Libre SSL instead of OpenSSL (is there any distro?)
    16. Hardened Xorg (xenocara) from BSD doesn't exist. Its a myth. Have you looked what xorg has internally? WTF?!
    17. Don't even start me with systemd (KISS moth...a!)
    18. Sh..y, broken boot process abstract (arrghhh) (KISS moth...a!)
    19. Sh..ty software having more dot files, than me, the user in his Home Folder.

    And the cherry on the cake: Firefox is UUiD-ing you via each Web Extension (of course because you can't browse the Internet without this "passport":

    And on top of this we have no font rendering, no webrender, worse VAAPi profile or no gpu video rendering in the browser. So why use Linux at all? What the is the point?!
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    Most of this is complaining about hardening the kernel. So then go use OpenBSD?
    Also seriously, not everything that connects to the internet is spyware, this insane cargo cultism is ridiculous, you're worse than a doomsday cultist. If you're that paranoid then just don't even use the internet, easy peasy. As for me I'm fine with using Windows 10 because I actually learn how to control it's features instead of shrieking at it and spraying it with holy water praying to Stallman to make the boogeymen go away. It's almost like software is just a logical system that can be understood and controlled, what a concept.
    Also, have you considered Brave? It's by the original author of Firefox before he was fired and his successors totally ruined it. Firefox is a joke these days, I happily use Brave on my Linux machines.


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      Oh, you're one of those Stallman haters. Good to know.


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        Originally posted by Securitex View Post
        Oh, you're one of those Stallman haters. Good to know.
        That has absolutely nothing to do with anything I just said