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KISS Principle.

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  • KISS Principle.

    Keep It Simple Stupid, aka KISS wasn't created for nothing. Idiotic abstract layers of nonsense that we deal now and more idiots that copy it. I don't know who is more moronic. I really don't. First we have UEFI (what a shit!) that requires patented FAT32, and is ridden with security issues and boot problems, written by an idiot in his basement. Then we have GPT (which makes sense) but on top of that we have another layer of abstract of idiotic installers with block devices installations while it is expected by another POS called GRUB to use UUID and endless nonsensical symlinks and another expectations regarding lsblk and no matter what- expectations of only one viable (to itself) file system (ext4) in exact particular place then we have another layers of abstractions like makeinitcpios and fstatbs generation as well as yet another abstract layer of systemd booting kernel-core. ONE PISS OF SHIT not adhering to KISS principle. And yet every idiot is copying this nonsense of boot process. I don't know who is more moronic- people who created it, or people who mindlessly/brainlessly copy this horrific shit. There I said it. Out loud.

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    You forgot to add the dm-crypt encryption, on top of LVM, on top of MDADM RAID.