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The Hurd Microkernel Still Isn't Ready But GNU Had A Great 2010s With GCC + Other Projects

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  • The Hurd Microkernel Still Isn't Ready But GNU Had A Great 2010s With GCC + Other Projects

    Phoronix: The Hurd Microkernel Still Isn't Ready But GNU Had A Great 2010s With GCC + Other Projects

    While the GNU Hurd microkernel is still woefully behind in hardware support and hasn't even seen a new release in three years, at least a lot of the other GNU projects experienced a great decade -- especially with the likes of the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU Octave, GRUB, and other components critical to modern Linux systems...

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    The Hurd is so sad, hope y'all get L4 some day.


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      For chrissake, that compiler shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from kindergarten. We're talking "sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby" level retardation levels
      -- Linus Torvalds

      epic comment is epic. Years 2010 - 2019 will be remembered too as last years of freedom and colorful language.

      I will remember this year as the year when my Logitech mechanical keyboard died, or more accurately e key died, which I am pasting right now when needed. Pita since it is my winter keyboard with all those flashy leds. Oh well, granted I cleaned the keyboard today, so I am to blame, not the keyboard, but guess I have to take IBM model M or F off the closet. Or better yet, start the new year by building a new keyboard for me. enthusiastic fisherman builds fishing rods by himself, enthusiastic computer user should build the keyboard by himself. I have done the former, looking forward to do the latter.

      One thing is certain, computer nerdism lives each year a golden year. Hooray!
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        As part of a course in Operating System Design, I taught the Hurd microkernel--such as it existed, and such as it still does--back in 1998.

        I have a suggestion for Michael Larabel which would greatly decrease his workload as regards article-generation: use the following as "boilerplate" for new-article creation--

        "The Hurd Microkernel / Purism Librem Still Isn't Ready But..."


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          Even RMS gave up on the Hurd saying that Linux is fine. A boat without a captain.


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            Ok, so I'm looking at the code generation and your compiler is pure and utter *shit*.
            it damn well is some seriously crazy shit.
            this is not a kernel bug.
            This is your compiler creating completely broken code.
            Ahh, so satifying seeing the old Linus telling it like it is. Too bad we will likely never see this side of Linus Torvalds ever again, because frank truthiness and over-the-top Monty Pythonesque type humor is no longer "Code of Conduct" compliant...

            It is interesting to note that GCC 4.9 was the compiler (with Google modifications) that Google chose to use for eons in the Android NDK, before finally deciding to drop GCC entirely for their shiny new LLVM compiler, instead of upgrading to the latest GCC.

            Who made GCC 4.9 shitty? Did Google secretly sabotage GCC 4.9 (intentionally or unintentionally), providing more excuse for people to dump GCC in favor of LLVM? Or did GCC 4.9's shittiness provide impetus for Google to dump GCC in favor of LLVM?

            FWIW, I never had any problems with the Android NDK version of GCC 4.9 compiling my applications correctly. And it was definitely far far better than the LLVM clang compiler at the time -- faster code and notably faster compilation times. Only minus was it didn't support the very latest C++14 and up language improvements that later versions of GCC added.
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              Well said. Long live the Linus!


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                Originally posted by set135
                * For the conspiracists, or those who perpetually quake under the bedcovers in fear of the SJW daemons...
                Just don't like the taste of boot, so we'd like to point out the smell of it.


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                  Why oh why don't they just switch to seL4...............


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                    GNU Hurd just a pathetic joke, even more than Mono and De Icaza.