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Richard Stallman Reportedly Steps Down As Head Of The GNU Project

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    I feminists with every bone in my body.


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      The message of his resignation no longer appears in his blog.


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        ...until at some point they decide to close the source down, thanks to the rise of permissive licenses like MIT and BSD.
        Exactly my thoughts..
        Open Source != Free-Software


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          Originally posted by azdaha View Post

          With the Dems supporting the TPP to the right waging war on net neutrality (among many other things) for personal gains, I don't think any political party in the U.S. is acting purely in the interest of the common man/woman. After the 9/11 attacks, especially, personal freedoms have gone out the window. Yet another example of this, just today:

          I fully agree that both parties are undermining freedom. The point I was trying to make is that the left is especially interested in attacking free speech. Seriously NYC literally passed a law that dramatically undermines constitutionally protected rights.

          by the way I wouldn’t say that the left even includes most Democrats these days. However there is a very vocal and radical component in the party that leans too far left.


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            Originally posted by kravemir View Post

            Not really,... GPL is a viral license, while it enforces user's freedom to acquire sources for all derivates and dependant works, it removes the freedom of companies/developers to protect their inventions (as they must opensource it, if based on GPL library).

            The most of consumers doesn't care, if it's opensource or not, but if it works. Small companies want to protect their development, at least for some time, to have R&D paid back and also have money for future R&D. So, they won't base solutions on GPL libraries. Therefore, viral aspect of GPL license cuts of many possible adoption paths of library, and community bullring.

            For example, Apache license enforces companies/developers freedom to be able base own solution on it, whether it's opensource or not. It also protects author (from contributors) and users with patent grant clause.
            You highlight some of the worse aspects of the GPL and why it is a hideous license. GPL takes away developer freedom and rights.


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              So Phoronix delete comments because one mentions Stallman's bias to Epstein case? If this web portal isn't free speech then it can go to hell.
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                Originally posted by GI_Jack View Post

                Would not surprise me. This happened the week after Snowden dropped his book. Fits in the profile of Fed behavior. They are going to take down everything in tech that would have inspired snowden, or as much as supported him. They are just fucking mad, and this is "pushback" against the tech community.

                Oh, and vast majority of the alfred e neuman "what me worry" attitude towards personal security as of late doesn't inspire much confidence.
                Instead of conspiracy theories you could actually track down the person that started this nonsense and find out what their motivation was.

                the sad reality is that tech has effectively enabled a wide array of SJW types that find tech to be the easy way to wage their wars. It just isn’t possible to blame any one organization unless you dig down and corner the root cause.


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                  Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
                  Computing/Software should be non-political other than commercialism vs freedom.
                  That would have already resulted in corporate monopolies (the commercial aspect isn't the problem, the complete control aspect is) running our lives even more than they already do.

                  You actually need politics to keep monopolies from acting like rogue governments. You may not even need government to keep monopolies from doing that-- but you certainly can't avoid politics if you don't wish to have a digital yoke around your neck for the rest of your days. If you want to sell out to corporate control be our guest, but count the rest of us out, thanks.


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                    Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
                    So Phoronix delete comments because one mentions Stallman's Jewish bias to Epstein case? If this web portal isn't free speech then it can go to hell.
                    It's an automated system. As far as blogs go, phoronix is one of the most pro free speech


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                      Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
                      Richard Stallman has fallen victim to the historic problem of the "Peter Principle" by Laurence J. Peter, 'which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence".' Richard Stallman like it or not has promoted well above his level of competence so now he need a demotion to correct this mistake. Problem is the demotion should have happened almost 2 decades ago. Its one of the most common problems is being unwilling to demote a person once they show they are not suitable for X role. Yes is really hard to demote someone like Richard Stallman when they are a founder of a group like GNU and have placed themselves in position they are not competent todo.
                      Richard Stallman is demotion with that as the only option because he is truly incompetent at the level he is particular when it comes to rapes and assaults as a project lead issues like that a project lead need to be able to handle carefully and correctly. Yes demotion from position is better than him ending up in future in jail for aiding and abetting a crime because he handles his leadership position incorrectly due to his personal bias.
                      I am not ware, of any rape or "assault" he was aware of , and agreed with it..
                      And I think he should NOT be judged by a crime he have not committed,
                      If that ever happens, that will be persecution..