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Richard Stallman Reportedly Steps Down As Head Of The GNU Project

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  • Originally posted by wizard69
    I have to wonder how Apple will handle some of these leftist Democrats that are actively trying to tear the company apart, some of which are in the running for the White House. If Apple wants to stay Apple they may very well have to support Trump or whomever gets the Republican ticket.
    I'm actually surprised Apple hasn't banned more podcasts from the iTunes directory. Things like "No Agenda" really piss off the left for just trying to show the truth.


    • Originally posted by hotaru View Post

      unfortunately for people like you, they also don't tolerate such disgusting behavior.
      This has NOTHING to do with behavior. This is about freedom. And you're right, it's unfortunate that there are very few places left who appreciate true freedom.


      • Originally posted by royce View Post
        You lot do realise he's an underage sex apologist, right? He might've done heaps for the free software movement, but he's still a toxic figure. Good riddance.
        There's no such thing as "underage sex". Pubescent women, once they get their first period, are by all criteria, either natural, technical, biological or medical, entirely capable for the full process of reproduction.

        "Age" is not even a factor. Age is a legal parameter that is used to determine whether the subject is capable of taking responsibility for their own actions.
        Having sex with a 17yo is perfectly legal throughout entire Europe. Would getting rid of all European FOSS developers be a "GOOD RIDDANCE" by your standards as well?


        • Originally posted by teresaejunior View Post
          Well, you could say Linux has now become mainstream, and witch hunts are mainstream too. But this doesn't seem like a "community" thing, but rather a corporate takedown of RMS. has been connecting it to the Department of Defense and IBM, which I can't confirm, but wouldn't be a little bit surprised about.
          I think it's a bit of both.

          Many of the common voices people have watched for news in the community are now corporate-backed. Whenever something has corporate backing it no longer has the freedom of speech even if they claim their company doesn't really care. It's all money, advertising, and publicity.

          So communities that have followed these figures for a long time which now have more corporate backing are more likely to follow the herd mentality just to "fit in". Yes, linux is more mainstream in some circles and the people who use it are no more any better than any other social circles.

          Just as an example, there is a prominent linux/technology podcast network (Jupiter Broadcasting) that has been going down this path recently. I don't blame them, they have their own goals and have to live their lives. But the behavior is obvious from the outside, which is why I refused to become closer to their community despite my initial endearment of the participants. Every community that forms is threatened by the possibility of forming epistemic bubbles or, even worse, echo chambers[0].

          Granted, this isn't specific to linux itself but still a very large amount of the desktop linux userbase. To make matters worse, they are rightfully trying to gain new contributors and those from "generation z" are in general not being given the opportunity to deal with the world and all of its hardships. I think Jonathan Haidt explains this quite well on Joe Rogan[1]. This is why we have these ridiculous code of conducts.

          What can we do to stop it? Stay away from social media, open source or not. Mastodon isn't any better than twitter in this regard and could even be considered worse because instances can easily block other instances. Places like Phoronix as a public forum or open group chats are about as far as I go, as it's discussion-oriented and there are not any biased systems in place to filter out what we can see.



          • The gross man children commenters out if force yet again...smdh


            • Originally posted by fuzz View Post

              the left
              I wasn't aware the fight against sexual predators and their apologists had anything to do with politics.


              • Originally posted by ThoreauHD View Post
                Taking Linux and GNU out of this, if any Board of Directors member of any org posted what he did, they would also be gone. Except in this case it's compounding with Harvard and MIT taking millions to fund a global pedo/eugenicists research.

                And to be even more clear, this is way beyond CoC(my feelings hurt) territory. It's in active Federal and International crimes against humanity territory.

                The crap part is, he's one of those that aren't involved with any of this. At least he wasn't documented on that plane to CARISJAMES. The others, steering our society, are still walking around unscathed. There is no upside for anyone here. It just demonstrates to the people who act/acted on this stuff to keep quiet.

                And to be even more clear about the optics, RMS even lost 4chan with his 'actual' comments. Not reported. They are after him now too. Apparently even those sick twist have limits.
                Good point, but the witch hunt is still real, as is evident of all the hate shown even here towards RMS. This is such a shame and disgrace.


                • Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
                  The man seriously is partially mentally disabled with ausburgers or some other social inhibition whereby he literally doesn't understand why people react the way they do without extensive information, and he's highly intellectually theoretical about his thought processes which is what landed him in this hot water to begin with theorizing publicly about his deceased MIT Associate creating an inappropriate scenario.
                  It's spelled "Asperger's", and is typically associated with "High-functioning autism". High-functioning autism (HFA) is a term applied to people with autism who do not have an intellectual disability (an IQ of 70 or less).

                  I thank you for understanding/speculating a realistic reason for his social inhibition, but I believe it's important to not call this a disability. We are just people who think differently, and it's best to work with us so we can continue our work in peace. We do not want to fight, we just want to be understood and do our part.

                  I agree that people with high-functioning autism are in general not suited to places of social leadership (unless that is their passion). However, my concern is someone who is not nearly as passionate about Free Software will take his place and make disappointing concessions.


                  • Originally posted by kravemir View Post

                    You're 100% correct, it doesn't harm me, as professional developer, at all,.. It harms diversity of quality solutions, as I haven't yet met any corporate willing to touch GPL-ed software.

                    Some GPL software is very nice piece of work, which never gets adopted and never receives contributions by the most of big corporate companies. On the other hand, solutions provided by Apache foundation, are adopted in both worlds, open-source applications are based on them, and also proprietary ones. I've arrived to proprietary world from open-source background, and I've seen people usually reluctant to open-source, and focused on proprietary solutions, which I is due to extreme position of FSF and "freedom" (as in free beer) movement.

                    And, it's sad to see big companies focusing only on full-stack proprietary solutions, as I would like to see common high quality open-source basis for both worlds (proprietary solutions for end-users, and open-source ones). And, this is slowly becoming reality with licenses like Apache. So, my words/agenda is against GPL, only.
                    Do you believe in the "right to repair"? Should this right not extend to software?


                    • Originally posted by Niarbeht View Post
                      Free association.

                      If a bunch of people who work with a douche tell the douche to leave, that's none of your damn business unless you're either the douche, or one of the douche's co-workers.
                      Socrates, "credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, and as being the first moral philosopher of the Western ethical tradition of thought", "found guilty of ... corrupting the minds of the youth of ... and as a punishment sentenced to death"