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Richard Stallman To Continue As Head Of The GNU Project

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    Originally posted by fuzz View Post

    No. We should encourage neurodiversity. I imagine you are neurotypical so you probably do not understand. This is not something to fix. It is the neurodiverse that actually innovate within the world.

    But I'm not surprised people who don't accept differences (and want everything to be "normal") want to suppress others.
    [Poe's law intensifies]


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      Originally posted by PreparationH67 View Post
      The amount of people in this thread who seem to think "free speak" means free to say whatever you want and treat other people however you want is disturbing. Grow up you petulant toddlers.
      On the contrary it does, but it doesn't protect you from repercussions or people thinking your a dick.


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        maybe we'll be seeing more code contributions from Stallman to the likes of GNU Hurd.
        Now, that would be something. But you know what else would? If he actually became a regular commiter to the linux codebase.


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          Well, that didn't last long...

          I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately.

          Richard Stallman


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            Yeah, the witch hunt didn't stop.


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              No surprise.


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                Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post

                Top of the page, he says:

                "I’m a Yankee from Boston by birth and inclination. I’ve never bought into Lost Cause romanticism; I’ve studied the history and don’t buy the revisionism about tariffs or troop callups. The South revolted to defend the indefensible of chattel slavery, and deserved its defeat."

                What part of that can be construed as "confederate apologist"? I know reading comprehension insults are low blow, but seriously dude, read the words before you post. Sounds like you have some personal animus against Eric Raymond; this is not the place to vent your personal problems.

                Thanks for sharing that article with me though, it was thoughtful and insightful and Eric has a much clearer grasp on this subject matter than you do.
                Did you read the rest of the article, where he says "let the south have its heros", most of which are based on false narratives drummed up for pro-confederate, later racist propaganda?

                Anyways, from a blog titled: " Armed and Dangerous

                Sex, software, politics, and firearms. Life's simple pleasures…

                When I hear the words "social responsibility" I want to reach for my gun.

                That is why you should not use the term "Open Source", and instead use "Free Software".

                Further down this guy's blog:
                "Yeah, Hong Kong, we actually have a problem with Communist oppression here, too."

                in ESR's eyes, the American left is exactly the same as the Chinese state.

                but muh ebophilia. An actual defense of Jeffrey Epstein. Blaming "the left". Not Minsky which RMS was defending because he actually knew the guy.

                ESR goes full on "Race Realist".

                "but fascism is actually socialist, hurr durr".