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Debian May Need To Re-Evaluate Its Interest In "Init System Diversity"

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  • Debian May Need To Re-Evaluate Its Interest In "Init System Diversity"

    Phoronix: Debian May Need To Re-Evaluate Its Interest In "Init System Diversity"

    Debian Project Leader Sam Hartman has shared his August 2019 notes where he outlines the frustrations and issues that have come up as a result of init system diversity with some developers still aiming to viably support systemd alternatives within Debian...

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    Good riddance. There are alot of init.d files but I would be surprised if 10% of those have been tested the last 4 years.

    I use sysvinit (busybox rather) in a couple systems built with buildroot, but there are quite rarely the files that are coming from upstream or regular distros. Kick out init.d from desktop distros and - if there is a need - maintain init.d files at the places where they are still used.
    shell scripts are fragile, and few of them are tested with multiple shells and non-standard tools (busybox userspace, hush/ash shell).


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      The title was clearly designed to clickbait, right?

      OK, well, I'm getting the popcorn ready...


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        Wait what? A single init system reduces maintenance burden? And multiple init systems actually increase it? Developer time is not infinite and free? Really?

        Shock horror. We've been only saying this for like 5 years. The delusional guys at Devuan et al feel free to toy around for a few years more. Delaying the inevitable sure is a fruitful effort, time well spent. Let the duplication of efforts continue!


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          Originally posted by anarki2 View Post
          . Delaying the inevitable
          I will use BSD before I use systemd


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            Originally posted by Templar82 View Post

            I will use BSD before I use systemd
            Okay, but just understand:


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              this Thread should be closed,


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                The answer to all this Debian init system conflict has been in plain sight for quite awhile: Devuan!
                If Debian without systemd is desired, use the equivalent Devuan version and be glad you did. Simple.


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                  Is the author of systemd any better than rms? Probably not, and neither is his view of "Linux or nothing". Systemd is completely the wrong way to go about compatibility, but what is required for the lackeys to realize that?


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                    To me it is always about choice. If systemd is desired, use it. If not, don't. Nothing political or emotional about it. The freedom to choose is what matters.