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Microsoft Teams Is Coming To Linux

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  • hi. Guys first thanks for this post. i follow the steps and i am able to run and receive call on browser on centos 7 chrome browser using below string
    Edge Edge/17.17134 Edge 17

    but when i make call it shows me that its calling but receiving peron didn't receive any call and after call ended he able to see a missed call notification. while he not receive any call notification or popup.

    i will really appreciate if you help me. because i really want to switch to linux centos 7 version.

    Thanks in advance


    • I wish they gave us a proper Visual Studio release for linux. But it probably won't ever happen, as VS is too tighly integrated with Windows.

      Guess I'll have to continue to get by with Visual Studio Code and half a dozen extensions; and still fire up a Windows VM when I want to do serious development and integrations testing.

      CLion is made in java, as that's all the Jetbrains guys seem to have their mind stuck to. Plus, it's quite lacking. Code::Blocks does not look good enough to my eyes. I'm not sure how well Qt Creator works without Qt. I have yet to try KDevelop.