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  • x.265 core useage

    Hello, all, I'm trying to make the most use out of two different machines for running 480p resolution video transcodes. One machine is a Ryzen 3700X and the other is a dual Xeon X5660. On both machines, x.265 only seems to use about a quarter of the threads that the processors have.

    The docs for x.265 are pretty terse and opaque. From what I can tell it seems to have a policy of--on NUMA machines--using one process per core and only using *one* cluster. So, for the 3700X, that's one CCX (4 cores). For the X5660, that's one socket (6 cores). Either way, that's 25% of the available threads and 50% of the real cores.

    Has anyone done any work on tuning this or even have a better description of the x.265 "--pools" option. Their web site make no sense to me.

    Thank you.