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Microsoft Aiming For A Linux Development Workflow Around WSL + VS Code Remote

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    Originally posted by Aeder View Post
    Sounds like a solution that requires additional unnecessary steps when compared to just developing on Linux.
    Likewise you can build your app for Windows on Linux using Mingw (for x86_64 or plain x86).


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      Sounds very much like Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.... Only one E to go!


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        Originally posted by waxhead View Post
        Sounds very much like Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.... Only one E to go!
        My thoughts are that this is to hold back the Desktop Linux. Why switch desktops when you can just code for Linux servers on Windows?


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          This is entirely to be expected.


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            Wine just implements the old Win32 API which is becoming obsolete anyway. Now Microsoft are more about .NET Core and UWP.
            I work with game developers, and all of them have told me that absolutely none of the big game studios use .net or uwp. Everyone is still using Win32 because there is no bare C/C++ (as in unmanaged) API for modern windows. So Win32 is still very much alive, at least in the game development world.


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              Vscode remote is far from limited to WSL. I use it to do development on my powerful server instead of my laptop. It is amazing! My laptop is much faster as it doesn't have to spend resources on build tools, test runners, etc. and also development is much faster as the server can compile faster, and can cache more without RAM limitations. Everyone running a laptop should absolutely try it!


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                Does this also work with QtCreator running on WSL?! That would be cool!!!


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                  Originally posted by GizmoChicken View Post

                  I'm curious... If Microsoft sold and supported a propriety version of Wine (without the hiccups) , would you buy it? If so, how much would you pay?
                  I probably wouldn't, as it would not be released under the GNU GPL. In fact, they could get away with simply selling DLLs tailored for use with Wine, that could greatly enhance it's compatibility with software. Oh, and they could make a fortune by selling Windows font packs, which would deal with licensing issues, and allow people to not have problems with office suites. They're sitting on a gold mine and not realizing what they can do with it.


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                    Originally posted by woife View Post
                    @all: A little off topic ... but what would you recommend for remote developing/debugging in C/C++?
                    E.g. developing a program for a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

                    What tools/IDEs do you use? How is your workflow?
                    Eclipse CDT
                    CMake + cmake4eclipse (takes the pain out of manually changing a-ton-a-things for crosscompiling)
                    Remote Launch + gdb/gdbserver for debugging

                    I am really eyeing for Clion (Eclipse interface is messy), but I think I wont spend the (yearly!) money for my private use.

                    Key points: with CMake you can just seemlessly open your Project in various IDEs,
                    find some good project layouts so you can build everywhere. (ex.
                    Clion or QTCreator demonstrate that you can rather easy work on them without
                    having separate steps or requiring to keep additional IDE project files.

                    For remote/embedded Eclipse is still king so far, someone needs to fixup the UI, and make CMake painless to setup.

                    Originally posted by woife View Post
                    Do you prefer to cross-compile on the host, or to compile on the target?
                    as much as possible on the host, including running unit tests.

                    Originally posted by woife View Post
                    I once tried Eclipse RSE, but somehow I could not get it working and then I gave up.
                    RSE seems a weird pick, the CDT package has everything needed for remote debugging via GDB server.

                    Originally posted by woife View Post
                    Any time I try to do some embedded development, I end up with manually cross-compiling on the command line, manually copying around files via SSH, and manually executing/debugging them on the target. This only works because my programs are in the area of "Turn on a few GPIOs", but my approach would not scale to anything reasonably complex, e.g. developing a library.
                    Depends on how complex your setup is. Eclipse's remote launch will copy over the target executable,
                    but you will likely need some setup scripts for a more complex scenario.
                    If you pick CMake, that could be a target you can launch from any IDE with proper support from CMake.

                    Originally posted by woife View Post
                    Any hints, tips, or links to tutorials are welcome


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                      Originally posted by MihaiBojescu View Post
                      Vscode remote is a-mazing. Freeing my laptop of the extra work and running it on another machine is genius.
                      Yeah, astroturfers are back!