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  • IDEA for Rsync addition

    I use the current rsync with the full functionality it has, but it has one function not present: "The ability to rsync files that are older or newer than a certain date".
    Generally, when I run rsync to a new directory_id 20190630, I would like to not take files dated before 20190601
    I really want to segregate my rsync'ed files by ranges.
    I propose an addition to the --exclude= option of rsync. I think it would be --exclude " [-before=nnnn-nn-nn] [-after=nnnn-nn-nn] " --exclude="otherstuff" --exclude="*.git"

    I visited the rsync website but did not find where to ask if my suggestion is reasonable and possible.

    By the way, I did have some workarounds forgit repository's .git subdirectory. the .git repository should be an all or nothing