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Valve Will Not Be Officially Supporting Ubuntu 19.10+

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    Originally posted by cynical View Post

    Intelligent people see mental illness for what it is and don't placate it. Only an idiot would think that controlling speech is a working solution to the problem of people getting offended, or people being jerks. We didn't used to need long documents to tell us how to behave properly as civilized people, so what changed?
    Written rules on how to and how to not behave have been part of human civilization since we invented the written language. Sometimes I wonder about the age of people here considering that if they are old enough to work they must have missed all the legalize that covers the behavioural rules that apply at each workplace.

    Such rules exists everywhere, it's just that sometimes they are not written down which means that they can be arbitrarily put against you, by writing down the actual rules as i.e Debian have done means that you can actually defend yourself against a defined ruleset and thus admins cannot just throw you out "just cause".


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      Originally posted by x4mer View Post

      Looking in my steamapps folder, many of the Linux games have 32 AND 64 bit executables in the directory. The appid entry on the server side though, has to specify the file the launcher is supposed to run. They're all currently pointing to the 32 bit one, as that works on all installs. If it was set to the 64 bit one, it would fail to launch on any 32 bit system, with no error message.

      There may have been some direction for devs to do this, otherwise I wouldn't expect to see so many with both versions installed. They may have planned that one day they would change the server side pointers and the clients would all start launching the 64 bit version instead.
      I think he was referencing the Valve games, not every game on Steam but Valves own games.


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        This is an alarming turn, especially with very little in the way of a linux roadmap from Valve. Is some massively overhauled SteamOS on the way, or is it just in a death spiral? The proton effort suggested more longterm plans, but nothing was ever communicated.

        For the sake of a smooth, modern Linux desktop experience, I'd like to see Steam officially supported on Fedora. Fedora already runs Steam well, but making it official would involve Valve moving their whole SteamOS infrastructure to dnf/rpm. Probably not worth it if Valve's interest in the Linux desktop is just a thin effort to facilitate user testing on top of the Debian-based SteamOS. If so, they should stick to a dpkg distro, and imo just focus on Debian proper. I haven't tried it in a while, and I'm concerned that it's not a very polished experience. Overall, I'm pessimistic about this whole 32-bit issue. It would be a major bummer if Valve just turned further inward and built SteamOS without any desktop focus.

        To the person who bemoaned Debian's "PC" culture: find the nearest dustbin of history, and kindly throw yourself in. If you don't care about making tech communities more welcoming to anyone who isn't a white, straight man, you're the one with the problem.


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          Valve is just shooting themselves in the foot. Total idiots.


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            Originally posted by ChadD View Post
            Valve just needs to find a smaller yet solid distro they can basically take over on.

            Solus comes to mind. Its not based on anything else, it already works well with Steam... it has a dedicated team that can take care of the things Valve doesn't wish to.

            They can pick up and continue with the steam integration stuff.

            Project is just big enough to save them a ton of work... and not quite established enough that they couldn't put a handful of Valve talent to work on it and wiggle their way into a major controlling role. They need to stop hitching their Linux wagon to large players that make nothing from gaming and are more focused on their real business. Go with an enthusiest distro where the people on the project are highly driven to make gaming the star of their distro.... pay some of the more talented people on the project and they will go above and beyond.
            This! Solus has the best performance only by losing to Clear Linux.


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              Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
              How comes that Windows 64 bit can run 32 bit games and programs without any problems and Linux can't all of a sudden ?
              Thats becouse you in fact got both 64 bit and 32 bit windows dlls installed (it's very large).
              They are in different folders on on you harddrive.
              Same way that linux distros do it. But now Ubuntu maybe gonna cut away the 32 bit folder.


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                Originally posted by brad0 View Post
                Valve is just shooting themselves in the foot. Total idiots.
                Yeah, they should just forget about all the 32bit games and Proton *sarcasm


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                  One can only dream, but void has my vote


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                    Originally posted by JPFSanders View Post

                    Anyone who gets in bed with MS contracts some kind of brain parasite that makes them act on the bests interest of Microsoft.
                    Just ask Nokia. Oh wait ...


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                      Originally posted by andreano View Post
                      Time to recompile, would be my instinct. Do game devs delete their source code after release, or what?

                      Having a dependency on a 32-bit userland is just an annoyance, and the wrong choice nowadays.
                      That is an order of magnitude harder than maintaining 32bit libs ...