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Valve Will Not Be Officially Supporting Ubuntu 19.10+

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    Isn't it a bit too early for everyone to start hating Ubuntu just yet? The decisiob to drop 32-bit is not set in stone, is it?


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      Originally posted by SkyWarrior View Post
      Arch arch [..] I would pick my poison arch flavored at least it lets me do my own stuff.


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        Originally posted by GdeR View Post

        Haha you got me there. I am using debian sorry


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          So you arrive in the year of the Linux desktop and your first idea is to drop 32bit support.


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            I did a quick check and apparently all Valve games on Linux are 32 bit, no wonder they are looking to ditch Ubuntu. It is unfortunately they didn't push for developers to at last provide both 32 and 64 bit executables at the launch of Steam on Linux, since they were starting from zero then.

            Me, I just want Canonical to stick to their guns.

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              Originally posted by Jedibeeftrix View Post
              agree, opensuse/tumbleweed has everything valve need


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                About Debian, i am seriously worried about their PC political turn. That kind of stuff is very off-putting to smart people and it will slowly drive them away. And Debian is all about excellence. Smarter people matter in such cases. Even when they are a minority. So i expect this distro to decline slowly. Not fast but ineluctably.

                I wonder if they will settle for a Red Hat based distro. Jean Loup Griffais has said they were a bit tired of using the debian tools. Maybe they like the red hat packaging tools.

                On a personnal note, i am reading the Arch wiki. Preparing slowly to migrate.

                This is not good. When Valve made that Linux dip, things were simple: there was an established dominant distro on the desktop and they supported what was already popular in our desktop world. A newbie would have been told "oh just take Ubuntu or an ubuntu derivative".

                Now, Valve is going to settle to distro X. But the Linux public will maybe be fragmented between other distros they already like so distro X may end up being a small part of an established fragmented market.

                And that fragmented market will be a pain in the @ss of the WIN7 refugee wanting to try Linux. The unifying power of Ubuntu is over. Right at the moment Microsoft drops support for WIN7 and some of their customer base may be tempted to migrate. Canonical couldn't have choose a more effective way of harming the whole Linux ecosystem.

                Even if Canonical reverts course, the trust is lost and the damage won't be forgiven.

                From "linux for human being" to "We know better than you what you ought to need" HA !

                Edit: And i wonder if GoG, who has much smaller means will not simply decide to stop supporting future Linux distro altogether.
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                  It would be easy to solve by only dropping 32 bit for non-lts releases. LTS should still have 32bit, so Valve could be happy.


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                    The only thing that would make sense is supporting flatpak. In that case they can roll out its own runtime that stay at what they want them to stay, as well as the client itself. Distros wouldnt need anything else to support (except rules for udev and flatpak itself) ans it would just run on all distros, no matter if they support 32bit or not (as long as they shipp kernels with x86 - 32bit enabled, so currently all desktop distros).


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                      Somehow this feels like a M$ driven decision to remove 32 bit support from Ubuntu. It's likely the result of pillow talk during their recent close relationship in setting up WSL.

                      Wanna play games? Come to Windows!

                      Wanna use BASH? Windows has that now too!