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Mozilla Had A Rough Night With Add-Ons Getting Disabled Due To An Expired Certificate

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  • Mozilla Had A Rough Night With Add-Ons Getting Disabled Due To An Expired Certificate

    Phoronix: Mozilla Had A Rough Night With Add-Ons Getting Disabled Due To An Expired Certificate

    If you are waking up this morning to find all of your Mozilla Firefox add-ons have expired, you are certainly not alone. A major blunder has found users of Firefox finding most add-ons getting disabled...

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    See also
    It seems to be working again for me


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      Deserved bad karma. After good Brendan Eich was ostracized by the **** lobby, no moar mozilla stuff on my comupters.
      And now go f... your dinosaur.


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        If your firefox hasn't gotten the fix yet, doing the following should trigger firefox to install the hotfix:

        Preferences | Privacy and Security | make sure allow firefox to run studies is checked

        About:config and make sure that app.normandy.enabled is true and that app.normandy.first_run is true

        restart firefox and you should see that your addons are re-enabled.


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          Do they only get disabled if you restart Firefox? My Firefox add-ons are still working fine but I haven't restarted in months.


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            Ad revenue of Phoronix explodes by 1000%...


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              I did not experienced any problems. uBolcok Origin and other extensions worked fine today.


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                Already uninstalled Firefox and installed Waterfox in it's place, and it's a wonderful drop-in replacement. There is absolutely no excuse for this.


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                  Just got my Firefox addons back, had to enable 'Firefox Data Collection and Use' and the suboption 'Allow Firefox to install and run studies' to get the hotfix, (you can disable the options again as soon as you get the update).

                  I have no idea what is going on over at Mozilla for something like this to happen, first they remove the user option of using unsigned addons and then they can't even keep their certificates updated.


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                    This is pretty annoying. EVERY extension and theme (image and like 2 colors in a manifest, does this even need a signature that involves waiting for Mozilla's approval?) is disabled for me right now, it hit me somewhat later than others, and I thought it was just a heavy shilling operation (it is, but it's aligned with a major blunder on Mozilla's part). Turns out it isn't, and I've decided to wait for Mozilla to resolve their issue the proper way. It's pretty annoying to not have an ad blocker, and being forced to put up with malware running in my browser (that's what modern ads are).
                    Solutions like Certbot exist, I'm perplexed by the fact that outdated certificates are still a thing.
                    I'm not saying Mozilla is perfect, but at least they're not Google, and their browser is pretty much the only option other than webkit at this point.