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The Fastest Linux Distributions For Web Browsing - Firefox + Chrome Benchmarks On Eight Distros

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    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    It's more like "many and various design flaws". Many of which are hardcoded into the disk layout and can't be fixed.
    Why you keep talking trash about things you don't even understand. What the fuck is "disk layout" anyway, it can't be the "on-disk format" as any of your claimed issues would be driver issues.


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      Originally posted by duby229 View Post
      A good backup startegy is absolutely required if you use btrfs, you -will- need to restore from them sooner rather than later.
      All my / partitions have been on btrfs for the last three years, and I have yet to encounter a single data corruption issue. Even big companies like Facebook and Synology feel safe using it in production these days. I think the rumors of btrfs eating data for lunch might be outdated, at least on the simple storage configurations that I use.


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        Originally posted by calc View Post

        In addition to the type of acceleration they discuss in that page I'm talking about hardware video acceleration, ie va-api. Without it playing a H264/HEVC/etc video eats nearly all CPU, causes fans to spin at full speed, etc. Chrome/Chromium still does not support video acceleration under Linux even when checking various experimental boxes in config. It needs a patch that has existed for many years, at least since 2014, but is still not applied. Yet it works just fine under ChromeOS, it seems they have vested interest in not having it work under regular Linux.

        The same general situation applies to Firefox as well.

        The Firefox bug is here:
        I totally agree. In the Adobe flash player plugin era the hardware acceleration worked fine. Then, no more hardware acceleration. Chromium-va-api exeriment tells me it is possible.
        If someone can tell me how to use flash player nowaday to watch youtube and others I'll say him "thank you".
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          This is such a silly way to pick a distribution. How much faster is one vs another going to be for browsing? Imperceptibly! Best for you just to 1) pick the right browsers 2) learn to optimize your system 3) learn to optimize your browser(s).

          I would recommend (in order):
          -- pale moon
          -- ungoogled-chromium
          -- waterfox