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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    well, money is not all, and that's likely the biggest difference between both of us
    either i stand behind a setup or i don't touch it at all
    I understand, and that should be the way( at least its the desirable way for all of us, or should be.. )
    Money is definitely not all,
    Because when you have some, and you loose your freedoms, you are just a slave..

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post

    what did you not undrstand in teh simple fact that i do not setup systems that way so i don't need fix something in that state likely because i am not a slavery worker like you where others making wrong technical decisions and i have to fix them afterwards? if someone can make that much damage the setup is shit and not worth to get restored to begin with
    I agree in part..
    I am also not a fan, of that, but it all depend of the business..
    The type of business, gives you some options, not the ones you want..

    On the other hand, its very complicated to deal with big systems, ..they are big not only in specs, but also in Business importance..
    That's why the Clients pay big money to have dedicated hardware for it, and I am blamed, sometimes, for having 99.99% of uptime( Why? because its not 100%.. )
    The problem is that the client pays big money, and in some type of the business, he wants a man of his confidence with root access, that's the problem..
    Usually that person "his shielded from side-efects" by its CEO..

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  • Lucien23
    I really think you overrate this usrmerge. It has some good side effects for special use cases, but it is very unlikely that you really "need" it as "normal" user. Fedora is to try new things, so it would be better to compare Red Hat to Debian. systemd works on Debian too, believe it or not.

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    I did not fully get if you reinstall in case of problems or if you try to fix the system via a live system (and chroot) first.
    You don't need a livecd, actually, the 1st CD of Debian7 is Just save the RedHat sh*ty OS..
    I don't remember now about specifics, it was some 3 years ago..
    But out of my head..

    1) Restore OS
    You simply drop to a shell( instead of install.. ), or we have the balls in place or not..
    load the kernel modules for the HBAs
    Configure correct IPs, and routing tables for frontend/backend/backup networks
    find the Correct Luns, for each VG, for the OS, configure them,
    Create the necessary VGs/LVs, with correct luns for OS ONLY.
    mount LVs in a different File-system Place( ie: /restore )

    configure Backup client, with includes and excludes rules,
    Then carefully, restore to each LV/LUN(/restore/boot)

    1.1) Before restart, disable all startup application daemons..and ofcourse the Vip address, on Recover Machine..
    Also comment /restore/fstab, application mountpoints, let only OS mountpoints in place..( if not you will have a tremendous amount of time wasted on fsck on reboot, on application empty luns...yeah )

    unmount temporary /restore filesystems

    Reboot RedHat sh**T OS( this time it will have the correct HBAs drivers in place, so no problem..)

    If ok,
    2) Restore Application mountpoints..
    Go sleep 2/3 hours because of fsck on all OS luns on startup..point 1) above..

    Then go again and find the Luns for Application stuff..( around 60 LUNs ),
    Uncomment /etc/fstab application mountpoints,

    Verify ips/routing tables if they are in place..

    Check mount-points/Luns if they are OK..verify for sure..
    then mount Application File-systems

    Then start restoring application Data to each LV mount point,
    In the end, if you haven't sleep above keyboard( Because this types of restores are massive...even if you drop a line to Backup Team to give more priority withing your work...which I doesn't like, and his against the rules, also not fair for others.., but know... ),

    if ok,
    3) Restore Databases/Application Layes
    "go sleep for 2 days"..
    The system, in the meantime on reboot, is very busy, doing a fsck, to any of the MEGA File-systems in the Server..

    "After 2 days" it should be OK, log and verify if they are there..
    Switch Roles for Slave on Database/Application Software....(see point 1.1) )
    Start Databases, application software by hand, check logs, and if you are receiving commits from actual master

    if ok,
    4) Switch Roles of databases/Application Layers..

    Stop databases/application layers, and enable application daemons..( disabled in 1.1) )
    Also Comment again /etc/fstab, ( for application file-systems only....fsck on reboot, you have already done it..above )
    Then verify if all is in place, verify logs and if daemons started(and if they have started ok ..),
    Report back to Application Team to make their own checks...

    if ok,
    5) Enabling the Restored Actual slave has Master

    Stop accepting on actual Master Databases connection( in Redundancy Machine), check if all commits were applied
    5.1) Disable Vip address in Redundancy Machine
    Change /etc/hosts accordingly.. on actual master and Restores master

    Apply all the commits from the old master( redundancy ) that are not in the restored machine..

    If OK( you have not a split-brain or network partition problem.. ),
    5.1) Enable Vip address on Restored Machine
    /etc/hosts accordingly
    "go to sleep"

    Maybe missing something here, for sure, has it was spitted out, in sequence,without much attention on it..

    Replying to your question, directly,
    No I didn't installed nothing, I just restored backups..

    I don't reinstall Oses,
    With so many applications and users for them, security rules, and so on,it was a very big machine,like many others here( But I never worked on that machine, I didn't knew its configs I didn't knew even it existed before.. )

    Other fanboy arrogant RedHat SysAdmins here, refused to touch it..
    Because RedHat doesn't recognised the HBAs...

    if I would go reinstall this machine,
    It would take me more than a 1-3 weeks to have all( Since it would be like a new project.. ), and even then lots of problems could happen..

    Usually when I create a environment, with Production,Production_Redundancy,Quality, Development...
    I write automation Scripts for them, which are around 10k lines for each project, some more, some less..

    If I had that scripts at hand,
    Maybe I could reinstall all, but then I will suffer with big amounts of time to load databases..
    but all in all, using compression and so on, I could pass a database maybe in 8-9Hours( Our Network is fast... but it could be that at same time some of the zillion guys here could be doing some heavy stuff, and then the network could bottleneck a bit.. ) or so..

    If very well coordinated( The Redundancy_Master will suffer with that, but could be feasible.. ),
    Maybe it would be less time than Restore Backups...the problem.. no Documentation on that systems..
    So Safest solution, go for Backups..

    Like I sad before.. and I know what I am talking about,
    A RedHat SysAdmin, messes with RedHat, only a bunch can jump in another systems!
    It was needed a MAN, to jump there, and so I accepted the "Lord of the Rings" Challenge..

    I knew in Advance, that Debian7 wouldn't fail me
    Since I started in Debian.., I tested several distros, including the very Respectable SUSE,
    But you know, "there are no love like the first one"

    Yeah Great times, great Rides there..

    Actually, you are a clown,
    And I exposed you above...
    Too many trash talk from you, to many abuses calling names on people, you little bully..
    When I asked you to go ahead and explain what you should do..."you burned and crashed"!!
    I gave you 2 opportunities..

    Too many trash talk, but you don't have what it takes...
    you were speaking bad about Weasel, but you are not even half of him..sorry.

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  • Kano

    I did not fully get if you reinstall in case of problems or if you try to fix the system via a live system (and chroot) first.


    A power user can certainly get used with any os. I even got used to write PowerShell scripts for Windows systems

    Did you ever analyze a fully unknown system? That's what I did with Splashtop without the "normal" hardware...

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post

    *lol* the guy not capable to hanlde Redhat systems talks about power users handling even difficult OS
    Speak about yourself, I deal with them, for a long long time, but I prefer not to..
    When you have Debian, why RedHat...I use it only because contracts requirements, not because its a great thing..

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    yeah, given that i wrote all the admin backends from scratch i am allowed to use them while i didn't see a GUI for systemd until now and it looks you are too stupid to handle symlinks and text config files :-)
    I also wrote my Scripts, and Automation, no big deal on that...
    And I do that for several Countries around the World, not like in your "bed room Company.."

    Also, I advise any one starting( like you ), to start by that...
    But I started doing that 2 decades ago..

    And really, I don't want to do trash talk, this is only noise in the Forum..
    Its a shame, and you are always pushing this thing on..
    Which reflects your immature personality..

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    who cares, he is a similar fool like you with a lacking mindset for the IT at all
    In first place I can only speak by myself,
    But for what I read from him, he seems a very balanced person..

    The same I cannot say about you...
    with your emotional stability problems..only trash talk, in the moment to make the difference, you "crash and burn"!

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    i don't need to solve a problem that never would happen in a proper environment and no idea where all your Windows bullshit si coming from given that i didn't touch it since 2006 at all
    That is bulsh**t... again

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    yeah, would you have used your brains before throw millions on it
    Your Head is to small, to understand that at that time, we needed big amounts of speed, and no other technology provided the same, but still I was against it!!
    The Decisions in Mega Companies are made at higher levels, we only give opinions about..
    If you have already the Infrastructure in place its a great thing( low latency, and infrastructure in place already, downside big latency between ops, and big costs ), if you don't have it, forget FC, go FCoE or iSCSI with TCP offloading

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    40Gb legacy? laughable attempt to let your penis appear larger
    Welcome to the world of MegaCompanies..

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post

    i don't give a fuck about attention at all
    It doesn't seems so..

    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    a power user can handle every OS to begin with

    well, other sysadmins with a head full of shit like you, Weasel and your friends

    the problem of idiots like you and "SysAdmins that I know, and followed Linux for some decades" is that you don't realize that the needs changed in that few decades, othes moved on, you don't - well, burry your head in the ass, nobody cares
    Yes a power user handle every OS, even difficult ones like Debian or Slackware..
    But I don't believe you are in this group..

    You maybe can handle RedHat, Centos, and the likes, not technical ones..
    You are more the kinda of guy that do "click_with_the _mouse", and that explains a lot why you like systemd, and think that Vmware, is the greatest thing ever..

    Has per Weasel,
    Its kinda of rude from you, to call, names on a person that was not even included in this conversation..

    But What can I say, about a trash talk guy like trash talk, but when I question you about a way of solving a problem you braked..
    you showed everybody that you are indeed a Windows guy that started to kid with Linux, because you think it make you smarter..

    You are years away from Weasel, in maturity, and in professionalism..

    Also we use FC or FCoE,
    Because we invested millions and millions on it, more in FC was the first.. was a big mistake..
    I think we only have 40Gb in legacy systems

    majority Qlogic, but other also..

    Infact this market is crumbling in a duopoly..
    I found another provider:

    Any one, out there, has experience with chelsio HBAs?

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    you won't get a soluton from me without a lot of money - it's that easy, i can only assure you in my setups this situation won't be possible because 100% virtualization and working backup/recovery plans
    I understand that you come here to get some attention, and for sure you are trying to get mine..
    But I am here for other purpose..

    RedHat is a easy OS to use( in some perspectives..very limited in others ),
    It has been improving a lot at least since RedHat 4
    But has sh*tty things, that a power user that likes Debian, and have worked with Debian misses a lot..

    Its not only me, other SysAdmins that I know, and followed Linux for some decades, says the same..
    If I could describe it in a fast manner, it would be "hype"/"better supported by Corporate products"..

    Accept it or not, its up to you..

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Using bare metal servers with external iSCSI boot is certainly an interesting setup. I tested this 2012 with iPXE (and as alternative via pxelinux) without an iRMC for Linux (and even Win) with a very basic iSCSI Linux server. I guess most PXE boot setups for Linux boxes use NFS instead. Did you boot this way or did you still use local storage?
    This machine was not setup by me,
    In fact I didn't even knew that it existed before..
    And usually, clients don't have administration rights,( but on this one, unfortunately was there a local account.. with root privileges )..
    I simply used a Debian 7 iso
    RedHat flavours doesn't worked there, or crashed, on boot, or doesn't had basic drivers for the HBAs( that were on that machine.. )
    I can't recall now, but were a series of problems, that forced me( against the policies, to use RedHat only there ) and rely on the good old Debian 7, and then drop to a shell, and go by hand..

    iSCSI could be a good option, for boot, disk-less systems
    I think that we still have some machines( that don't require high bandwidth I/O ) using iscsi, but majority is FC or FCoE
    Usually we don't have local storage, but that also depends on the setup.

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  • tuxd3v
    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    i won't setup a machine like this because i am not an idiot and other like you i know that these days there is little to no measureable virtualization overhead but you get unfied backups, and hot-migration for free (next hardware generation, maintainance of the underlying bare metal...) and in case of huge virtual data disks mark them as independent so that you can recover only the operating system within seconds from Avamar while the data are backuped with a different solution
    See your problem?
    Does you see now the trash talk moron you are?

    Because in this Comment,
    I stated that I even needed to have a Debian 7 on my hands to save your RedHat Os..

    Your Commnents:
    "because you are an idiot?"

    "so you shithead use a distribution with dist-uogrades every few years, can't handle it and think you act on my level doing major upgrades twice each year for a deacde with no downtime longer than a oridnary kernel update?"

    Only Insults on that Thread, has if I were your Father or Brother or something like that, with no constructive content,
    Only noise, lack of education, you act like a Lonely Wolf..

    But you have lots of trash talk,
    I only pushed this subject further to show, What/Why you are like that, and the amount of noise that was generated with that, after all, "without no brilliant Solution from you"( which I already expected, by the way.. )

    But you are keen to label the Others as Idiots, and not professionals( advance),
    When you are, in fact,the real Idiot..

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