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Debian Sticking With Merged /usr Plan

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  • I really think you overrate this usrmerge. It has some good side effects for special use cases, but it is very unlikely that you really "need" it as "normal" user. Fedora is to try new things, so it would be better to compare Red Hat to Debian. systemd works on Debian too, believe it or not.


    • Originally posted by hreindl View Post

      what did you not undrstand in teh simple fact that i do not setup systems that way so i don't need fix something in that state likely because i am not a slavery worker like you where others making wrong technical decisions and i have to fix them afterwards? if someone can make that much damage the setup is shit and not worth to get restored to begin with
      I agree in part..
      I am also not a fan, of that, but it all depend of the business..
      The type of business, gives you some options, not the ones you want..

      On the other hand, its very complicated to deal with big systems, ..they are big not only in specs, but also in Business importance..
      That's why the Clients pay big money to have dedicated hardware for it, and I am blamed, sometimes, for having 99.99% of uptime( Why? because its not 100%.. )
      The problem is that the client pays big money, and in some type of the business, he wants a man of his confidence with root access, that's the problem..
      Usually that person "his shielded from side-efects" by its CEO..


      • Originally posted by hreindl View Post
        well, money is not all, and that's likely the biggest difference between both of us
        either i stand behind a setup or i don't touch it at all
        I understand, and that should be the way( at least its the desirable way for all of us, or should be.. )
        Money is definitely not all,
        Because when you have some, and you loose your freedoms, you are just a slave..