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Systemd-Free Debian "Devuan" Planning Their First Developer Gathering This Spring

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  • Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    So systemd is hiding things when restarting crashed services so that user will not notice bugs. Typical redhat and Microsoft bad software design.
    Ok. It's become painstakingly obvious that you're just a troll who doesn't know what they're talking about, let alone anything about Linux.


    • Originally posted by jacob View Post
      And the relevance of that to the discussion about Devuan and systemd is.... ?
      But there are two issues here. The mockery that Devuan attracts and that its developers and users seem to resent so much is really their own fault.
      Wanna expand on that latter claim? I agree with the former, actually? But, "they are at fault of being mocked.."? What the FUCK? This whole thread has been pro-systemd-people mocking the "opposition". Since beginning.

      I looked at next thread about systemd and it had none of the aggressive attitude by anti-systemd people. In fact, barely saw any such posts.
      So, who is "guilty" in what? You'd go literally religiously nuts about piece of software crawling over into thread not about your Life's Love and start bashing because some people prefer living without dealing with it.

      Post #2 (promotion, it's great, you don't know what you are missing out of. Okay, it's pretty decent text still)
      Posted by microcode
      You can use whatever init system you want, I installed systemd on Debian before they even considered making it their standard. systemd is great, you don't know what you're missing if you haven't given it a fair shake. The sell to Debian maintainers is obvious, as well: I was able to integrate systemd on my old Debian systems straight from the upstream repository, and almost all the units were already written.
      Post #4 (passive-aggressive attack, already)
      Posted by FireBurn
      At first I didn't think anyone would be going to the devuaN conference, then I realised it was being held in Amsterdam... so there will probably be people there... in body if not mind
      Post #6
      Posted by Terrablit (not-so-subtle insulting)
      Other classes of note at the conference:
      • "How to Prevent Critical Thinking and Progress Using the Unix Philosophy"
      • "Butter Churns and You"
      • "How to Identify Witches and Redhat Developers"
      • "Bloodletting and Leeches"
      And it went downhill from there..

      Grow the fuck up people.


      • Originally posted by r08z View Post
        LOL have fun replacing glibc
        Ehm? Void Linux. Runit init, it has separate version with a musl C library, LibreSSL crypto. And it is a 'desktop Linux' (XFCE, LXQT, LXDE, Mate, Cinnamon, Enlightenment).
        There are some more, which could be used as desktop installation if need be (Alpine, JanusLinux).


        • Originally posted by Britoid View Post

          Ok. It's become painstakingly obvious that you're just a troll who doesn't know what they're talking about, let alone anything about Linux.
          It took you a while to realize, didn't it?


          • Originally posted by AsuMagic View Post

            It took you a while to realize, didn't it?
            I like to have too much faith in humanity.


            • Originally posted by FireBurn View Post
              AKA I don't know what I was doing, so I just fumbled along anyway - so it must be someone elses fault
              AKA I got a conflict because of something related to systemd that I did not care for and if I didn't answer Y then I wouldn't have been able to do my thing so what the fuck is your point? IT GOT IN MY WAY and that was my point.

              It's simple. The choice is binary. Yes or No. No (default) means I cannot go and continue my shit, which is even worse. For crying out loud.


              • Originally posted by pgoetz View Post
                That upgrade was transparent and did not cause massive breakage on any of the several Arch systems I upgraded.
                I think you missed the part where I said "latest iso", which was the February one. Nobody was talking about your existing Arch system nor any "upgrades" in the first place.


                • Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
                  I have my doubts. Why you do stupid shit like mounting a ro overlay on /usr "to save space" when you don't even grasp the basics of the distro? You are asking for trouble.
                  Because it's a VM, that exists only on tmpfs? And I have several running already. All from tmpfs (this is nothing new for me btw). squashfs with LZ4 is insanely fast and reduces from 2 GB to 400 MB. Also, obviously automatic because I have a script that does it, it's not just for the Arch VM, lol.

                  Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
                  Seriously what the fuck.

                  I just told you that the library fuckup was done by the distro's package manager (or something else, more likely it was you doing stupid shit with /usr or other stuff you didn't tell), and you proceed to say you "don't care that it is systemd fault or not", then proceed to blame systemd for this issue again.

                  Are you seriously trying to channel debianxfce's spirit? Because that's right into his alley of mind-fuckery.
                  Because it's always systemd I had issues with when I didn't look for it at all. He fucked up because of systemd etc. I didn't say it was systemd's fault directly? I said it gets in my way.


                  • Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
                    Use systemd with the Amlogic S912 SOC and the android 3.19 kernel that has audio support. No go, systemd supports only newer kernels. No audio support in mainline kernels.
                    Like I said, no valid points have been made. Can't blame amlogic's incompetence on systemd.

                    Systemd is developed for servers only and systemd developer idiots do not realize that Linux is used everywhere.
                    Uhm, ok.... I hope you get professional help.


                    • Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
                      Devuan maintainers are not logical, pulseaudio is a bigger bomb than systemd.
                      i'm sure they will be happy to discuss it with you on conference. you should come