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Fedora Planning A Per-System Unique Identifier For DNF To Count Users

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    Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
    P.s. all this UUIDs idiocy is rather annoying. Say, HDDs are far better off with human-readable labels rather than UUIDs.
    Yeah, I'd really love to have my distro installer prompt me to explore and choose a name for every random partition it detects before the installation can complete.


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      Pinging Michael. Unapproved comment which doesn't even have any URLs in it.

      Also, something else I forgot to say in that post:

      Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
      Otherwise some unhealthy things eventually happen, since UUIDs eventually happen to be same and it causes funny bugs. And since UUIDs gone quite widespread, properly re-seeding all unique IDs is kind of black magic on its own.
      Things have inherent namespaces. If a Windows CLSID happens to collide with a Linux partition identifier, then the person who was storing the both of them in the same database was Doing It Wrong™ and they deserve what they get since the only valid use for that which has any chance of triggering a collision is some kind of universal "look up info about private PCs by UUID" database.
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        Gah! It seems that the system has decided that "this user quoted SystemCrasher" is an indicator of spam.


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          Originally posted by Britoid View Post

          Except you're not being tracked and you know that, you're just looking for a reason to complain.
          Yeah, keep you blind faith in them, just because they say they're not tracking, even though they're putting tracking tools in, and let others develop anti-tracking tools against this kind of behaviour.