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Debian's Anti-Harassment Team Is Removing A Package Over Its Name

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  • Please crazies go harass Apple and Microsoft, and Facebook! Do not forget Facebook! You are now in a totally wrong front when you harass Free Software folks.


    • Originally posted by ynari View Post
      This just makes life more difficult.
      Stop escalating this BOOB naming thing to 'faggot' and other derogatory words. Windows is full of this kind of stuff btw.

      If people starting putting loads of racial hate comments in their code I'd be concerned then, but names alone... forget it! only a thin skin reptilian could be offended... :-)


      • told you so


        • Originally posted by moilami View Post
          Please crazies go harass Apple and Microsoft, and Facebook! Do not forget Facebook! You are now in a totally wrong front when you harass Free Software folks.
          Recipients do not justify harassment. I hope those who were misguided away from Allah will cease and find peace.


          • Originally posted by aht0 View Post

            Since you appear to be a woman: simple question.

            If the attention is unwanted, why do women wear miniskirts, make-up and try to make themselves as sexy as possible most of the time? With some exceptions.
            Or is there a deep conflict: you want to be desirable but at the same time utterly dislike the attention it brings upon you. Again, with some exceptions.

            For example: you go to night club, you go to extremes knocking yourselves up, making yourselves desirable to males, while all you plan for the evening is to dance with your (girl) friend, relieve stress through dance..

            Oh, I've also noticed the tendency that if woman "catches" a man, binds him in a relationship, after a while she would "relax" and lessen the care she has taken for herself until then. Less make-up etc.

            Explain me the logic behind the behaviour.
            Did you ever think that the problem is you seeing women as sex objects and not as women? Your argument in shorthand is essentially "I can see a part of a titty, she must want sexual attention".

            Does a women dressing nice while showing some skin at a club mean she wants attention? Does a woman wearing a swimsuit at a beach mean she wants attention? The answer is no. Don't get me wrong, "yes" can be the answer to both questions, but assuming that it's always yes is your deep conflict.

            Maybe, just maybe, if you see a woman and she's wearing something that can make one horny, maybe the problem is with you getting horny and making up assumptions in your head and not with her trying to dress nice.

            Also, women get it both ways -- if they dress pretty they're a whore and if they don't dress pretty they're an ugly pig or a plain Jane and become open to ridicule. The logic behind the behavior is simple -- it's a lose-lose situation and they're dressing nice to feel nice about themselves and could care less about what guys like yourself think; if they happen to "catch" a guy and get in a situation where they feel loved and respected, they might not dress up as much because they don't need it as a "I need to like myself" psychological boost, they might start dressing down so other guys quit hitting on them because they're committed...there are a lot of reasons...more than I care to go into on a Linux and technology forum.


            • Good idea ! Pose as one of the crazies and get them to accuse each other of lack of orthodoxy and have them to care for each other. Not even Apple deserves this. I am with Sarah Kerrigan on this. Nobody deserves to have the zerg unleashed on them.


              • Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                Because it is madness!!! There is no end to what flakes can be offended by.
                You Included?

                Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                Censorship is never a good thing, especially when it is focused on a silly app.

                no straw man at all, we are already seeing people being censored even being banned for their political views. Censorship is an ugly and powerful xtremely dangerous practice, a few hours getting the know China might wise you up.
                umm... I think that censorship is a pretty long bow to draw here. Not including something is not the same as actively suppressing it (which would be censorship). It would be the same as a book on ice cream flavours not including avocado flavour - an understandable omission.

                I do not see any political views being included in this demotion, nor censorship. Please stop trying to construct a strawman around it, there is not a strong argument for it.

                But since you want to talk about it - if your politics prevents you from participating in what society in general feels is acceptable, maybe it is you that needs to change?


                • Originally posted by moilami View Post

                  Well it is hard because Debian was so good, so I have to chose from second grade distributions. I also maintain almost 10 comps with Debian, so there is a lot of work.

                  But that must be done because I can't tolerate this new policy of blacklisting software because of political views. First of all it enforces narrow mindedness. It also disrespects the work of developers and acts as a means to censorship. There is a program called "fortune", which does have many "offensive" fortunes, which has been made a different package "fortunes-offensive" or something like that. Those fortunes are part of the history, and the next logical step would be to remove "fortunes-offensive". I have found "fortunes-offensive" to be a good source of daily aphorisms. I don't believe in censorship. I believe in education and I have faith on humanism without censorship. To accept censorship is like giving up humanism.
                  Censorship is a double edge sword. We have had censorship all our lives (ever heard of movies and games being refused classification?) and we have not yet gone off the rails as a society. Censorship (at our gov level) serves to enforce the values of the society.

                  To censor something one must actively suppress it.

                  Debian is not actively suppressing this package. They are simply not including it anymore as it does not fit within their guidelines of acceptable packages.


                  • Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
                    Of you know, we can draft the women into the military and put them on the front-line like everybody else if that's what they want.
                    No we cannot. Nothing good comes out of it as a rule. With some special ops types and/or ethnical groups (kurds for example) being exception to the rule. Women's social dynamics and gender-imposed mental patterns are different. Where males develop (at least in Western militaries, Arab armies don't) brotherhood-attitude, women as a rule would instead start infighting and undermining each-other.

                    Using females in combat units would also tend to disturb male protective instincts, sooner or later it would lead to various relationships etc IF there are any males in that unit - which would lead invariably to manipulation and special privileges. That's pure mental aspect. Physically, females are less capable, have less musculature, less stamina, smaller stature and more fragile bone structure. On average. That's because male bodies produce testosterone, which promotes physical strength. Females almost completely lack that hormone.

                    Women are perfectly okay as intelligence specialists, logistics support troops etc - anything really not demanding physically nor demanding "sense of belonging/principle"-based cooperation - but females are not good as front line combat troops.

                    Oh, one thing women can be, is being more cruel and ruthless than males.

                    SJW, feminism etc is purely product of industrial civilization. Because of the inferior physical capability women are less "worth" in agrarian societies. They consume almost as much food as males, but they are capable for half the work males are. For first time in human history their brains make them almost equal to the males and they are eager to make themselves known.. and start chasing equality they can never achieve because God (or evolution) made female and male bodies different. One way out to equality is to neuter males. Figuratively.. that's what we are seeing.
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                    • So uh... I'm guessing this stuff is going to be next: