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Dropping Profanity In Kernel Code Comments: Linux Gets "Hugs"

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    Originally posted by konserw View Post
    I'll just leave this here:
    uhuhuh. check it out. "dick" (pink line) is on the rise


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      This SJW or PC bullshit is infecting everything it touches. In Go ( golang ), they have similar shit, about inclusion, minorities, etc. Fuck them, one either can code ( or at least try very hard, like me ), or not. No matter which species you are, man, woman, mermaid, white, black, green, etc. Everything is about IQ.


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        Originally posted by TeoLinuX View Post
        This is where SJWs and dumb politically-correct people are leading us.
        You said it!



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          I think we're losing sight of what's important here.

          This isn't just about the f-word, SJW, etc. This is detrimental to the codebase because meaning is lost and/or confused (as another posted mentioned: "hugging up the memory controller" could be interpreted as hogging). It's a contrived example, but you get the point. Mystro256's suggestion actually solves the problem two-fold and improves the codebase while not losing meaning.

          If this was to appease the newly-adopted CoC, I didn't know this was part of the deal. Sounds like many others didn't either. Again, the fact that Intel is proposing this is infuriating. I hope Linus stops them dead in their tracks.

          Personally in my commits and comments, I don't get cute or include profanity or any of that. I try to be succinct and descriptive, that's it.


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              What's with all of the hugging bad language in this thread.


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                Lets be real.. it was always an oxymoron - kernel developer and fucking.


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                  This has the same potential as "frack" and even more. Now, in the thread it is well understood as "fuck". Now people can just use that word to circumvent the "profanity" filters (amen).

                  If it goes beyond the internet, it could lead to some interesting developments.

                  -Joe, give me a hug !

                  -Oh my pleasure Anne !

                  -Not this way imbecile !

                  -But Anne, we do not say "imbecile" anymore we say "unicorn" !

                  -Oh ! Hug that !
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                    I wonder if someone does a kernel fork today with good enough press and removal of this SJW shit + intel failure-crap if it'd gain enough traction to actually cause a worthy fork.


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                      That might be a good idea! What a forking mess this is though. I mean, shirt. Love the good place.