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More Than 80 Kernel Patches Were Made This Summer By Outreachy Developers

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    bregma Ai verification is about understanding why an ai does something . To understand whether is a good enough way to reach the goal or if it is based on unrealiable assumptions that make it seem like its fullfiling its job competently . Not mostly about whether it fits certain expectations , its says so much in the tittle of the video i shared.

    Most ai systems ( of public interest , the kind that are featured on two minute papers at least ) and many of their datasets are by an large open sourced by their creators nowadays to lift help from the common public onto those projects , instead of them creating their own re implementations ; which still happens most of the time code is not released.

    By how much your arguments are unsound , i would say ( not an affirmation , just stating what happens to people with your line of thinking ) you are probably confusing having ideas refutted or being called out on the mob mentality of your group , with denial and being unfairly dismissed .

    Eg : Even if was true that the way science is currently done is deeply maimed by personal biases and that outreachy can help solve that ( you have backed up neither statement ) . Then that would not still not mean that events like outreachy are worth pursuing . Doing so for that purpose would ammount to trying fighting biases of one kind with others ; instead of improving knowledge through actual methods that eliminate incorrect or fraudulent ideas , like the engineering design process , the scientific method or deconstruction through formal logic

    Regarding what i mean with subversive mob mentality making people to not use use logic : recap , the last one ; both the video and comment section show examples
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      And that is without taking into account how sustainable affirmative action ( current definition ) results are regarding its stated goal "create a positive feedback loop that supports more x participating in y " when discrimination results in more discrimination ; either completly underserved , or less so . When more people of group obtain their position becuase of a crutch then they are less likely to be competent .

      Or how wether this all is fair to the people being discriminated against

      Or that it neglects possibly the most important bias still standing in "developed countries ", the personal one that dictates which type of career people choose and how much they will dedicate to it vs their family or personal life
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