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Linux Code of Conduct Likely To See Changes Ahead Of 4.19 Kernel Release

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    I strongly suggest people who still cling to belief that this is all some alt-right Trumpster boogyman and that anyone raising their voices in warning are just a bunch of 'manbabies' who just want to 'harass teh Womenz' or other such garbage look at:

    * FreeBSD - Progressive stack openly built into the toxic CoC - Rules for Thee. Not for Me.
    * node.js - Secrete SJW backchannel CoC ideological star chambers.
    * Opal

    just to name a few of the projects who have suffered SJW attacks and the resulting harassment of innocent developers. And of course Linux where it only took two days for the ideological attacks began

    Each of these projects have completely innocent developers who were long time high quality contributors for the project who once the SJW managed to infest the project started combing through each and every project members entire online history for cases of wrongthink and then subsequent shrieking demands for them to be kicked.

    One last note is for people who think this is all a simple revert to remove the toxic SJW CoC. There a huge numbers of Linux project members and community members who have some idiotic belief that this SJW CoC fiasco is all part of some grand war against teh alt right, Trumpsters, Nazis, Facists, sexists, transphobes, etc. No matter how left wing you are you will be labeled and attack for being these things.

    It is sickening but it is why so many people from other projects like FreeBSD keep saying the damage to Linux is permanent. The community will never be the same. I say this all as life long liberal myself.


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      Originally posted by BeardedGNUFreak View Post
      At one end of the Progressive Stack you have White Conservative Males - the oppressors.
      At the other end of the Progressive Stack you have Black Trans Disabled Women - the oppressed.
      CoC violations are only enforced on the 'oppressor' classes while oppressed group members are given free rein to engage in toxic and abusive behavior. 'Rules for Thee. Not for Me.'
      Agree wholeheartedly. It's actually something applying to Western society in general: "I am oppressed, I can do no wrong".

      At the same time Linux as a Project had a real issue: lots of people who suck at interpersonal skills didn't pick what they outed - and now do feel offended that their "rights" to freely insult other people have been culled by CoC. It's IMHO 50% of the complainers..


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        Interesting how this stupid affair attract parasites with very low post counts who bless us with their mental droppings just to stir the pot. I am old and experienced enough to think it is way possible such posts are not even manifestations of Poe's law. I was raised amongst militants who firmly believe life is a tragedy and that screaming morons deserve deference.

        Deeply and nearly incurably idiotic. They sometimes sound funny with their outraged overtones and ability of making mountains out of molehills but the damage they deal is very real. Sometimes directly, sometimes by the reactions they provoke. Most of you fine members of this board find them irritating when they barge in. Now imagining growing up amongst them.

        From a irresponsible and futile person who likes to wonder at the deep mystery and beauty of nature and laugh at his own farts.


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          "a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation."
          Just talk about code, and nothing else. It's that simple. When did this become a social club? There are a bunch of parasites that are infiltrating every major open-source project, and spreading their insanity around. IF you want to go off-topic, there are off-topic channels that exist. In the main room, it's about code, and nothing else matters. There should be no code of conduct, at all. But when people go off-topic, tell them that this isn't the place to do that.

          And resist these parasites. They want to destroy every project they get involved with. They have no idea how to build anything, except drama and victims.


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            What we need is an Islamic Code of Conduct, that should go exactly like the Code of Conflict, but with 1 addition:
            The above statements are protected by Sharia Law. Everyone who in any way opposes or tries to supplant this document is a racist and islamophobic bigot.
            This ought to throw a wrench into the cogs of SJW logic.


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              It would help if they clearly stated that if the code is good enough, they will take it, regardless of what CNN/Fox News/Twitter mob thinks/says about you/demands them to do.


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                I understand what they are trying to accomplish, but what I see is how easily it can be abused. Are we going to see people kicked out for donating to something that others disagree with? (Mozilla CEO)

                Are we going to see allegations of gender discrimination because someone is a special snowflake that can't take criticism?

                I'm not saying that no one should be polite, but no one should have to step down because they said that a decision that someone else made was stupid. Without the capabilities to say what you think, the benefits of diversity goes away as communication breaks down. If you think they were wrong, you tell them. Simple.