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Microsoft Has Reportedly Reached A Deal To Acquire GitHub

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    Originally posted by anarki2 View Post
    Haha love to read all these stupid comments about moving repositories without ANY of these folks giving a SINGLE reason as to why. Other than hating on MS just because, of course.

    MS = the devil itself chewing on our hearts (in their imaginary world)

    Time to grow up, kids. There was a hilarious conversation about this on neowin too (actual quotes follow):

    - This has already freaked out a large number of Linux users on Mozilla, Facebook and others use it and may not feel comfortable having Microsoft access their source code.
    - So, let me get this straight. Open source developers are concerned that MS will have access to their code? Ok....what’s the issue again?
    - What are you on about? There are millions of closed-source/private repositories on GitHub.
    - And are they the ones freaking out? I don't quite see how this would be any different had some other company owned Github, or how Github itself having "access to their code" all this time didn't freak them out.

    Checkmate lol. These anti-MS zealots have some serious problems, and often lack even basic logic. It's funny to see how they're struggling so bad when someone actually asks why they hate this company so much. And anything they touch. Minecraft is doing fine, LinkedIn is doing fine, no apocalypse happened to either, so stop these unreasonable panic attacks you're having here.
    I don't think it's the open repositories that is the problem many has closed projects that they might not want to share with Microsoft (but maybe it's still left in a database after migration).
    Others maybe don't want to pay for a service if the money goes Microsoft.
    And then it's the patents, API and IP that Microsoft made claims about in the past.
    It's not that they don't want to share code that's already open to the hole world.


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      Originally posted by thunderbird32 View Post
      So people will freak out, but things will be better in the long run? Force Awakens was very good, and Rogue One was one of the best Star Wars movies ever made. Yes, Last Jedi wasn't as good, but it was still enjoyable.
      Man, you have horrible taste. FA was a soulless collage of the best scenes of the older Star Wars movies with little attempt to give it internal consistency at all.

      The ones that freaked out are the minority that actually cared about that, most people just wanted good action, CGI and music, and for those peasants it's indeed "better in the long run".