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Windows' Notepad Finally Supports Unix/Linux Line Endings

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    Originally posted by higuita View Post
    just 100million more bugs and "features" to fix!

    By the way, also fix the BOM issue, where notepad adds the BOM character to the top of txt documents and break apps reading the file (like php). Exactly the same, new files it is OK to add the BOM, existent files, if no BOM found, do not add it!

    Adding invisible characters to files without being requested is plain evil!
    Once my source code wouldn't compile and I almost went crazy wondering why TF it doesn't compile. It was the fricking BOM.


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      Just the tool we were all missing in the Linux world!!!


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        Originally posted by alpha_one_x86 View Post
        When Windows will support EXT4 and BTRFS?
        lol, give them a century or two


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          Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
          This is probably the most significant update to Notepad since Windows 95, and I don't think I'm exaggerating here. I sincerely don't know anything else noteworthy about Notepad that has changed since then.
          Well, they did add support for Unicode (utf-8 and utf-16 AFAIK) a while back, so there's that


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            Microsoft: *derp*


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              Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post

              I have used this exact issue in the past to highlight to people how Microsoft have deliberately made their software non-interoperable with competing software/systems in order to lock-in customers and help maintain their near-monopoly in the desktop market via anti-social practises.

              This is another sign that they are changing their ways. They seem to be gradually shifting towards being less anti-social and more interoperable and open since Bill Gates left.

              Microsoft Outlook probably still needs a lot of work. It's handling of plain text emails is atrocious. HTML emails are badly standardized and in practise doing trivial things like in-line quoting is very difficult to achieve and gives ugly results compared to plain text emails. I expect that Microsoft deliberately didn't follow common plain text email conventions in an effort to shoe-horn customers into using their particular HTML format thus creating more vendor lock-in. When I've been forced to communicate with people via Outlook at various jobs, it has always been a nightmare responding to individual points that the person I'm speaking with has made. If the person I'm speaking with isn't also using Microsoft Outlook the situation was even worse.

              > Quoted text.


              > More quoted text.

              Another response.

              Clear and simple. I'm sure it can be improved upon, but Microsoft's rich text / HTML solutions have failed at it.


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                Originally posted by AsuMagic View Post

                lol, give them a century or two
                I have installed support for EXT4 before through Ext2Fsd just to see if it works, and yes it did, shortly after I uninstalled it on Windows 10. Having Windows 10 have access to your Linux partitions through your own volition and action is one thing. Now if Windows 10 hides support to access/modify existing data on Linux partitions under the hood, that is something totally different. A better question is, "Is your Windows 10 installation spying on your Linux installation?" Soon after a recent Win10 update the drive I have Linux on disappeared in win10's drive tools. Before that it showed the drive but could not read it or so it would lead you to believe. I watch Windows 10 like a hawk. Its last batch of recent updates has indeed raised my eyebrow's. Oh just what are they doing nowadays? Smirk. I would not be surprised if some windows developers are making crazy things for windows in i3, which is an incredible wm.
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                  Now if they could just open source Notepad too, then that would be great.


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                    This is the most relevant Windows update since Windows 3.1, I am stunned!


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                      But does anyone still use notepad nowadays?