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A Look Back At Python 3.0 After 10 Years

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    Originally posted by brrrrttttt View Post

    Which as said you would only consider if you have to deploy to machines without internet, where that particular library probably isn't actually going to be needed...
    Exactly. Also, I don't see why one couldn't install it locally if needed on the deployment target. I mean: it's a super small library, not a big, fat app.


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      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
      I don't want to have to write my own async http request library. I just want to quickly be able to do the stuff I want. Just start firing away HTTP requests.
      I expect a modern language to be able to perform asynchronous HTTP requests.
      Other languages like C# on the .NET platform allows you to perform asynchronous HTTP requests out-of-the-box using HttpClient.
      JavaScript lets you do async HTTP using the fetch API.
      To be fair, Python predates HTTP, not to mention JavaScript or C#. It only got built-in async programming in 2014, and that is still developing. So it is not surprising that there is still a lot of development in async-related libraries that preclude them being included in the standard library.