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Qt patch - Avoid providing bad pixelDeltas on X11

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  • Qt patch - Avoid providing bad pixelDeltas on X11

    I'm not sure how to reach Michael for stuff like this, tried private message but that is full. Figure I'd post about it here:


    Libinput bug is fixed in Qt scrolling based on pixel deltas.

    An example of this bug would be in `KDE System Settings -> Desktop Behaviour -> Desktop Effects`. Scrolling with the scrollbar won't trigger it but if you use libinput scroll event like the mouse wheel or touchpad scroll, you'll notice text fields can get clipped. This also apparently fixes slow scrolling which is also quite evident in that section of KDE System Settings(on X11).

    From the comments of the link:

    > This issue affects not just existing KDE code but our own code in qtdeclarative and qtquickcontrols. We assume if pixel deltas are set, that they are proper pixel deltas, not some abstract raw data.

    > This would have been nice to get into 5.9.4 as it currently make scrolling with touchpads too slow on many standard qml elements.

    Not sure if article worthy, has been a long standing UX papercut for a while at least on KDE.