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  • video memory security

    I'm wondering if anyone has put thought into the security implications of video memory. A lot of work is put into things like wiping RAM used to store passwords before an application shuts down, but the same is not done for video memory in any application I've seen.

    Sometimes when a window is first mapped, I can see the contents of closed applications, including on rare occasion my Revelation password manager window (in which I usually have password display on).

    That's not a big deal for me, but for shared user computers, it could be a security issue. Or possibly a privacy issue if users are doing things they'd rather keep private (Timmy the household teen probably has some window contents he'd rather not see mapped on the screen briefly when his mom sits down at the computer -- although I suppose parents might actually appreciate being able to get glimpse's of their children's prior session ).

    Is this something GEM can tackle automatically, or something that requires API additions to allow an application to guarantee that all video RAM touched by certain pixmaps/buffers are wiped?