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A New DRM Driver Is Coming For Linux 4.15

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  • A New DRM Driver Is Coming For Linux 4.15

    Phoronix: A New DRM Driver Is Coming For Linux 4.15

    TVE200 is a new Direct Rendering Manager driver being queued for Linux 4.15...

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    The cutest little DRM device.


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      It was kind of ironic that you mentioned the DIR-685, since apparently the Gemini platform and Faraday 526 support was removed from the kernel back in 2013. It's even noted on LEDE as removed from mainline. Openwrt forums contain a few threads with questions about the device, but there was never much progress. Though you could get source directly from D-Link, it was rather outdated, and no modern open-source firmware appeared for the device for a long time.

      So I dusted off my old links on it and looked to see what's new. Kernel Newbies lists gemini changes for 4.12, and one of your previous articles mentioned Faraday SoC support in 4.13. And there's a bunch of proposed ARM changes that contain a devicetree update explicitly for the DIR-685 for 4.14 on the LKML. Not to mention the new hardware mentioned here. So this hardware may be getting a new lease on life, given the recent attention in multiple recent kernel releases. And searching brought me to this page by Linus Walleij (at Linaro?). It appears to be collecting information on the gemini platform status and specifically the DIR-685, and links patches with merge status. Seems he's the one submitting several of those patches, if not all.

      I'd love to see another build for this router, as D-LINK support for it was abysmal. It had various vulnerabilities and issues making it an insecure and unstable choice for an internet-facing router. I'll probably be checking his page near the end of the year to check project status and see if things have progressed towards having a replacement firmware. I'd love to make use of the accursed thing, as now it just haunts my hardware graveyard.