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NVIDIA Proposes "DeepColor Visual" Extension For X.Org Server, For HDR On Linux

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    Originally posted by gwgwg View Post
    and yet another project to add to my long list of "nice things to have a go at if there is ever time, or if someone was to pay me for doing it" :-)
    Ah yes, I have one of those ever growing lists myself :P Just watch the space I guess, you might see others get iffy about it, perhaps with a distro or two try to resolve it, your information about it could be quite valuable then to those who share an interest in doing it properly. Wayland will probably usually be non-standard via extensions they refuse to make official, or some group will fork Wayland when it is in a better state, keep compatibility where possible but fix the issue of waylands unwillingness to permit being a bit more relaxed that leads to several different implementations as extensions :\