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Allwinner Has Many DRM Changes Queued For Linux 4.13

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    Originally posted by andreano View Post
    Anyone knows if they have fixed the mystical HDMI problem with the A10 that you couldn't use a computer screen, only a TV screen?
    Is there a bug report somewhere?

    My Orange Pi PC (Allwinner H3) does not work with some computer monitors but it does work with others. TVs all work fine.

    I haven't quite pinned down what is the reason, but it seems that monitors that have only DVI input are likely to not work, while those that I natively connect via HDMI do. Some indications exist that has to do with HDCP: Disabling HDCP seems to work in some cases. In other cases this still does not work. Maybe something to do with RGB vs. YCbCr, but that is just a wild guess.


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      The c.h.I.p. is alwinner too, right?

      What I miss most would be suspend to ram, then you could use something like the pocketchip as tablet replacement.


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        Originally posted by chithanh View Post
        Is there a bug report somewhere?
        Wikipedia's comparison lists some Allwinner boards as "DVI incompatible", including the new PINE A64. My report on the hackberry forums is also linked to from there, but appears to be down.
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          "DVI incompatible" seems to be a misnomer. DVI and HDMI use the same TMDS signaling.

          The only differences I am aware of is that
          • HDMI optionally supports HDCP, while this is not part of the DVI standard. And some Allwinner boards enable this by default.
          • HDMI supports YCbCr color formats, while DVI mandates only RGB. This is mentioned in the Hackberry forum post as found on

          Monitor support for either can be easily checked, YCbCr is even listed in the EDID field.


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            Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post

            How are they trying to improve? What exactly have they done in that direction?
            At least in the early stages of the Pine64, their stance was something like: it's not our responsibility to develop drivers, only hardware. get over it!
            After many people started complaining in the forums, they admitted to have meeting with the Pine devs and see what could be done.
            A few months later withno official word/results from the meeting it was clear that it was fruitless.
            I stopped following the Pine board soon after that, but unless they really change their ways, there's no way in hell they're trying to improve! From what i can tell, their stance is to give that impression as to keep people buying their stuff in hopes that some day they will fulfill their promise, when in all truth they seem to have no intention...
            I wasn't talking about Pine, lol, they aren't players in any sense of the word, and can't do anything. I was talking about Allwinner. And Allwinner are taking steps, small ones. They reply to emails now, and, as all things Chinese, it's going to take patience, but they are showing goodwill.

            Even Rockchip is trying, I feel. But these companies are fighting for their lives. They are up against Samsung and Intel. It's not that they don't want to cooperate, it's that they are between a rock and a hard place. I'm not excusing their behavior.

            In many ways you are correct, and your choice to not buy their product until they do the right thing is honorable. I like to believe they are trying, and that they have good intentions, but they don't live in a vacuum.