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VirtualBox DRM/KMS Graphics Driver Being Prepped For Mainline Kernel

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    I am not sure what RH's intent here is. They don't ship VBox in Fedora. Even we dropped VBox in Debian for Stretch. I'd have rather preferred RH invest in a more competitive UI for libvirt/qemu.


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      Originally posted by rastersoft View Post
      Hans de Goede has taken the driver from 52,861 lines of code down to 7,275 lines

      Most of that was header files which were being pulled in. Hans replaced the dependencies on VirtualBox header files with dependencies on kernel ones. We had actually started doing that ourselves with a view to upstream submission, but never found time to finish the job, so Hans's work was greatly appreciated.


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        Originally posted by ehansin View Post
        Does this mean when running Linux as a VirtualBox guest we can now use Wayland? That would be awesome. Maybe this addresses something else, but if fixed that would be very cool.
        Fedora 25 with Wayland was working as of shortly before its release date, though unfortunately without 3D acceleration. I am not sure whether it is still working - Fedora tends to be a moving target, even within releases. I hope that Hans's work will improve the situation.


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          nothing about windows guest drivers? they work like garbage in virtualbox and some times I need to use some adobe produts(infortunnelly) and a good 3d driver like in vmware was great